Creating Value with a Cross-Border Carve-Out: 3 Challenges You Shouldn’t Ignore


Diane AlbanoChief Revenue Officer

About this webinar

Carve-outs drive value… when the deal stays on budget and on time.

A carve-out business transaction is vastly complicated, especially on an international scale. However, when you know the challenges to expect, you can form strategies to beat each obstacle, instead of letting bumps in the road slow down the deal.

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Why 83% of companies today consider carve-outs a strategic measure of high importance
  • Three challenges to executing an international carve-out on time and on budget
  • Actionable, efficiency-driven strategies for businesses about to enter a carve-out deal

Global carve-out deals can drive value. We help make it happen.

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