Building a High-Performance Borderless Team: 2021 Edition


Charles FergusonGeneral Manager of Globalization Partners
Xiaoyin QuCEO of Run the World
Shirly HadjoniChief of Staff of OVO
Maria LiCOO at Tech in Asia

About this webinar

The work-from-home revolution diminished the need for physical offices, and it is now more viable for organizations to hire beyond borders and build remote teams. That said, challenges involving legal paperwork, tracking team progress, and ensuring smooth communication can emerge.

How can startups expand overseas while maintaining, and even improving, their operations?

Charles Ferguson, General Manager of Globalization Partners; Xiaoyin Qu, CEO of Run the World; Shirly Hadjoni, Chief of Staff of OVO; and Maria Li, COO at Tech in Asia shared the challenges and lessons they’ve encountered in building and managing remote teams.

“There’s been a Darwinian reaction to new challenges. It was not about ‘how do we maintain our profitability?’ or about protecting our bottom line — we needed a really human reaction. Now, there’s a lot of optimism around rebounding from adversity within companies that focus on resilience and elasticity.” – Charles Ferguson, General Manager of Globalization Partners.

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