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Globalization Partners Teams up with CQ Global to Enable the Seamless Onboarding of Talent



London and Tel Aviv Israel — August 12, 2021 — Globalization Partners, which makes it fast and easy for companies to hire anyone, anywhere within minutes, via its global employment platform, today announced that they will be working in collaboration with CQ Global, a leading Israeli headquartered, global consultive search firm, specializing in locating and delivering leading talents to Israeli startups in the U.S., EMEA and across APAC.

The partnership creates an exciting opportunity for companies to put the world’s talent at their doorstep. Along with CQ Global’s capability to identify and deliver high quality candidates anywhere in the world, Globalization Partners will help hire those candidates through its own entities and provide payroll, administer benefits packages, and provide localized HR services with technology that makes it simple to hire and support talent anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.

“This alliance with Globalization Partners expands our reach in a dramatic way,” said Yotam Tzuker, Head of Business Development, CQ Global, “Together we will ensure our clients hire leading talents and have a world-class customer experience. Now, once we deliver the talents our customers are seeking, they can hire and onboard them quickly and efficiently, no matter where they are around the globe, compliantly and cost-effectively.”

“We are excited to join forces with CQ Global as our organisations are closely aligned on important people values, and a mutual focus on enabling companies to hire the talent they need for both a competitive advantage and to expand their business globally,” said Nick Adams, VP of Sales at Globalization Partners.  “Between us, we can remove a large proportion of the roadblocks that typically hold back companies who need to find and onboard new team members.”

In addition to the partnership, together they are sharing Israeli-specific insights from the 2021 Globalization Partners Global Employee Survey which underlines the increasingly important role the employee experience is playing in the remote workplace. Findings include:

·     The global attitude towards the remote employee experience is positive, with the majority of respondents citing an increase in happiness as a result. In fact, when asked if they were happy in their role at work, 91.6 percent of Israelis answered either yes always or yes frequently compared to the global figure of 83 percent for the same question, marking Israel as the third happiest group behind Mexico and Brazil of the 15 countries surveyed.

·       When asked about the benefits of working remotely and specifically on a global remote team, an increase in productivity and responsiveness was cited. Israelis reported a 43.4 percent increase in productivity and 42.2 percent improvement in responsiveness to clients. Globally the numbers were 48 percent and 35 percent.

·       When asked specifically what aspects of their job contribute to enjoying a positive employee experience, 37.3 percent of Israeli respondents cited being listened to and receiving feedback as important. The same figure (37.3 percent) identified career development and progression as a key aspect and 34.9 percent saw compensation as important. This contrasted with the global response for whom 49.6 percent identified good work life balance as the number one aspect contributing to a positive experience.

·       Attitudes towards technology in the remote workplace varied with 49.4 percent of Israelis relying on video communication apps (the lowest of those surveyed). The same metric Globally was 70 percent.

·       Israelis are moving around too, 39.8 percent of Israelis surveyed either had already relocated or were planning a relocation within the next twelve months. This is almost double the global findings of 21.2 percent of respondents with the same plans.

A breakdown of the Israeli response to the full survey can be found by clicking here.

To view the full results of the 2021 Global Employee Survey, click here.

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About CQ Global

With over 650 successful placements around the globe, CQ Global has successfully impacted a wide and diverse range of companies, helping them become successful and achieve their business goals. We pride ourselves on being at the multi-cultural intersection of people and business, locating and delivering the best talents for the best companies.


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CQ Global


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