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Entering the Kyrgyz Republic, commonly known as Kyrgyzstan, for work is different than passing through the country or vacationing there for a few days. As an employer, you need to know how to get a work visa in the Kyrgyz Republic for each of your employees to stay compliant. If you’re not familiar with the country’s various laws and regulations, you could face fines or delays that impact your bottom line.

Types of Work Visas in the Kyrgyz Republic

Unlike neighboring countries, the Kyrgyz Republic does not have a lengthy, complex, or expensive visa process. The country is pushing to develop a small and steady tourism industry, so it has become more open and accessible. For example, many visitors can come and stay for as long as two months without needing a visa.

The Kyrgyz Republic’s available visa types include:

  • Tourist
  • Business
  • Private
  • Study
  • Work
  • Transit

Most of your employees will need a work visa as well as a work permit to enter and work in the Kyrgyz Republic. Both you and the employee will have to handle parts of the application process, so you must work together to avoid delays.

Requirements to Obtain Kyrgyz Republic Work Visas

If your employees are not from a country that can enter the Kyrgyz Republic without a visa, they’ll need to apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate in their country of residence. The required documents differ by visa type, the employee’s nationality, and more, but some of the common requirements include:

  • A completed visa application form
  • A passport
  • One passport-size color photo
  • A letter from you inviting the individual to the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Payment of the visa fees

The process typically also involves an inspection of the workplace with a representative of the authorized department. They’ll review your company’s documents and ask you questions about your business activities before issuing or denying the visa.

Application Process

The next step is to obtain Kyrgyz Republic work permits on behalf of all employees. The State Migration Service issues two types of work permits — those authorizing the hiring and employment of foreigners (an Employment Permit) and those authorizing foreigners or stateless persons to work in the country (an Employee Permit). Keep in mind that the government has annual quotas for hiring foreign and stateless employees, and those quotas vary by industry and region. The government approves these numbers annually, so they often change year to year.

The State Migration Service will refuse your work permit application if you:

  • Can hire a local person instead
  • Submitted an inaccurate application
  • Stop business in the Kyrgyz Republic or terminate the employee
  • Committed illegal actions

The majority of work permits in the Kyrgyz Republic are valid for one year with the possibility of an extension. However, some individuals may be eligible for longer permits, including foreign executives and skilled foreign employees. When you apply, you’ll also need to pay a fee. The State Migration Service charges KGS 4,000 for an employment permit, while an employee permit is KGS 2,000.

Other Important Considerations

All work permits are specific to the employer and cannot be transferred if the employee is terminated or accepts another position. If an employee works for your company and another, they will need a separate permit under each employer.

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