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When your company starts planning an expansion to Malaysia, hiring talented workers will be essential for a smooth market entry. As you find the right team members, however, you’ll need to ensure that every individual has the proper documentation to legally work in the country, which includes obtaining Malaysia work visas.

Types of work visas in Malaysia

Malaysia has 4 categories of work visas, also known as “work passes”:

  • Employment pass: An employment pass is the most common visa for international individuals working for a Malaysia-based company in a specialized capacity. Employers have to get approval through the Expatriate Committee or another regulatory agency to hire an employee and obtain this visa. Typically, the employment pass lasts 1 to 5 years, depending on the case or work duration, but it is renewable.
  • Temporary employment pass: There are 2 categories of temporary employment passes — the Foreign Worker temporary employment pass and the Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) temporary employment pass. Both are typically issued for up to 2 years.
  • Professional visit pass: International individuals wanting to work in Malaysia for up to 12 months usually apply for this visa. An international company based outside of Malaysia typically employs these individuals who will temporarily work in Malaysia.
  • Social visit pass: Short-term visa also known as “PLS@XPATS,” launched in October 2022, allows professionals to work in the country for up to 30 days.

Requirements to obtain Malaysia work visas

The requirements for a Malaysia work pass depend on the type of visa an employee needs. If your company is incorporated in Malaysia, most of your international employees will need to apply for an employment pass. To do so, they’ll need a diploma, a certificate, and relevant work experience. Their monthly salary will need to be at least RM 5,000 a month, depending on the work category.

Other common requirements include:

  • An updated resume
  • Copy of the individual’s passport with a remaining validity of at least 18 months
  • Recent passport photos
  • Copy of employment contract (duly stamped by Inland Revenue Board and signed)
  • Copy of highest educational certificates translated into English
  • Job description
  • A completed application form
  • Other documents specified upon request

Application process

The Immigration Department of Malaysia processes all work visas, but the procedure depends on the type of work pass. For example, you may need to get approval from a state body to bring an international individual into the country; however, different state bodies are responsible for approving different roles across various sectors.

After the above step, the applicant should present all documents to the proper authorities for approval. Once the application is approved, the individual will receive the work pass. Keep in mind that certain fees are attached to all visa types, and they vary based on the job, location, and other related factors. In addition to the main fees, the government also charges administrative costs.

Other important considerations

Individuals with employment pass types I or II can apply for their spouse, parents, and children under the age of 18 to also come to Malaysia. Each person will need a dependent pass, which is issued for either the same or less length than the main employment pass.

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