The Secret to Hiring Internationally: Onboard Global Talent and Scale Your Growth


Debbie MillinChief Operating Officer

About this webinar

The remote work revolution is well underway, and many organizations are taking advantage of it. It is an established trend, as 85 percent of the executives from all over the planet are interested in tapping into a more cost-effective, global talent pool.

Companies are capturing highly specialized talent anywhere in the world, building truly global remote teams. However, as the world map opens up for companies, employees also expect the best onboarding experience and access to the benefits they deserve, which can vary depending on their location.

Is your company ready to hire top global talent compliantly? Do you know how to keep your employees happy to ensure positive retention rates?

Join Debbie Millin, Chief Operating Officer at Globalization Partner, in a live session that will cover:

  • Why this is the perfect time to hire the best developers, data scientists, marketers, or sales representatives anywhere in the world.
  • How to create a valuable and engaging remote onboarding experience, no matter where your employees are located.
  • How to beat your competitors by hiring the best in record time.

We manage the risk, you manage your business.

Globalization Partners simplifies international business by enabling organizations to quickly expand into new countries without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries. You find the talent, and we put your team member on our locally compliant payroll.

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