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Payroll Management: The New Key to Global Growth

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The rise of remote work during the pandemic suddenly gave companies access to the most qualified professionals from anywhere in the world, rewriting the rules of payroll management along the way. So how can companies now reimagine the payroll function as a strategic opportunity that can drive global growth?

On this episode, Host Thomas Merchant is joined by Sara Dhooge, Global SME and New Business Coach at SD Worx, and Pete Tiliakos, HR and Payroll Analyst and Strategic Advisor. Together, they explore how companies can leverage unique payroll data and insights to position themselves as global business leaders, how managing payroll for a global workforce requires specific considerations to ensure compliance with local regulations, and how payroll flexibility is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Don’t miss this episode of G-P’s Pangeo Perspectives, Your Guide to Global Growth.

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