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2024 Global Workforce Trends

About this ebook

How the Global Growth Mindset will Shape the World of Work

G-P’s recent Global Growth Report revealed that 73% of C-suite leaders agreed that international expansion is the best business strategy to achieve success in 2024. As companies gear up for another year in the evolving landscape of work, how can they strategically position themselves to reap the full benefits of this global growth trend in the coming months?

Focusing on the employee experience, bridging the AI gap, and increasing prioritization of soft skills during hiring decisions are some of the rising trends that G-P expects to influence the global workforce in 2024 and beyond.

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  • What is the impact of the global growth revolution on employers.
  • Why the employee experience will be vital to building successful global teams.
  • Why the increased gap in employer and employee outlooks on AI must be bridged.

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