The level of job vacancies in Australia paints a vivid picture of the country’s talent gap. This is underscored by the consistently low unemployment and high labor force participation rates it has been experiencing in recent months. 

While businesses and the local government are acutely aware of this continuously growing issue, and policies are currently being put in place to address it, the sense of urgency remains.

Where does this leave Australia-based companies looking to continue their growth journey?

Fortunately, there is global employment technology that can help employers quickly, reliably, and sustainably bridge local hiring gaps and access the talent they need to achieve global success.

Addressing pain points now

As revealed by record-low unemployment rates, the problem is not that workers are opting out of participation in the local workforce. Instead, the issue lies in a fundamental lack of relevant talent —or, more specifically, skills — throughout the country.

This is not a new problem for Australia. In fact, the country has always relied on a steady influx of global talent to fill roles. However, previous border closures and the subsequent sharp decline of incoming international workers have caused setbacks in this long-standing system.

Rays of hope are indeed present in the country’s improving visa policies, thanks to programs like post-study visas and increases in the migrant worker cap. Programs like The Global Business and Talent Attraction Taskforce are also a step in the right direction, but they, too, need time to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, the urgency of local labor shortages calls for a swift response. One such quick solution is global employment technology designed to provide near-immediate access to top talent. With the ability to rapidly and seamlessly tap into emerging hiring hubs around the world, companies can maximize their growth trajectories without delay.

Employers prepared to build an international workforce, therefore, are in a unique position to take advantage of broader, global market opportunities while minimizing relative risk and costs.

Unlocking borderless success through global employment

Accessing global talent pools means companies can work with remote teams from around the world, bypassing most of the difficulties impacting the Australian talent market today. Companies in industries like tech and research have this opportunity right now.

In fact, several companies around the world have already started taking advantage of the benefits of global employment. 

One of our favorite success stories is Ecolex, an animal and agricultural nutritional production company based in Singapore. The team needed a way to maintain its growth ambitions, but found themselves dissuaded against traditional routes, as they required a presence in these regions quickly while mitigating compliance risk. 

Similarly, Karger, a renowned 130-year-old German academic publisher of scientific and medical journals knew they needed to widen their customer base to take their success to the next level – and found expanding their recruitment strategy across international borders to be the perfect solution. 

Both Ecolex and Karger embarked on a search for an experienced and trusted partner they could rely on with the technology to support their global growth with speed and confidence. Their search ended with G-P’s Global Growth Platform™, unlocking access to their targeted markets and top talent quickly and compliantly. By simplifying and automating key tasks in their recruiting and hiring processes, leveraging global employment technology has enabled them to tap into their teams’ fullest potential.

Preparing for the future

Australia’s reliance on international talent is not likely to change any time soon. In fact, the country’s migrant population is expected to grow by 700,000 between 2022 to 2024.

This increase and the policies that enable it only emphasize the huge role of international talent in supporting the country’s current economic growth. This also provides a glimpse into how critical international talent will continue to be in the future.

Consequently, technology that enables companies to seamlessly access workers in other parts of the world will also continue to be essential — not to mention its role in advancing the continuous evolution of the workplace and the talent-centric landscape.

Employers that are able to recognize the necessity of, and capitalize on, the opportunities offered by global employment technology will be better equipped to navigate future challenges accessing the talent they need.

This is where G-P comes in. Our market-leading platform is backed by the largest team of HR and legal experts in the industry to ensure Australia-based companies can make the most of opportunities as they arise while overcoming the local challenges before them.

To take full advantage of the global market and seamlessly navigate Australia’s talent landscape, book a demo with G-P and learn more about how we can help.

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