International Expansion in a Quarantine Economy


Debbie MillinChief Operating Officer,
Laurent EzekielChief Marketing & Growth Officer,
Nick HallaSVP International,
Simon CoxEmerging Markets Editor,

About this webinar

International expansion remains vital for growth, even amid rising geopolitical tensions and the unprecedented chaos of COVID-19. Today’s connected workforce can work virtually and productively regardless of location. Companies can tap into the global talent pool to expand into new jurisdictions, diversify and boost revenues. International diversification is especially pertinent for companies seeking exit opportunities as it can increase company valuations.

A 2016 survey by Wells Fargo found that 87% of US firms believe that international expansion is necessary for long-term growth, citing these 5 drivers: new markets, diversification​, access to talent​, competitive advantage​, and foreign investment opportunities.​

However, the decision to ‘go global’ is not straightforward. Language and cultural differences combine with a myriad of complex compliance and legal obligations. And how do companies enter and operate within quarantined economies, where established norms of ‘business as usual’ no longer apply? Drawing upon experience of experts in this field, International Expansion in a Quarantine Economy will explore the new rules of international expansion and what it means for companies today.

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