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Organization Size1,300+ Employees
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1,300global employees
11offices around the world

About OneStream Software

OneStream is headquartered in Rochester, New York, and has 11 office locations around the world. With its intelligent finance platform built to enable confident decision-making and maximize business impact, OneStream’s solutions unleash organizational value.

The mission of OneStream Software (OneStream) is to equip organizations with intelligent finance solutions that streamline processes. To reach more companies looking to optimize financial operations, OneStream joined forces with G-P to fuel its efforts to drive growth through a global presence.

Transforming financial excellence

OneStream’s Al-enabled solutions unify its customers’ financial processes and allow them to achieve greater efficiency. With 1,200 customers, 230 implementation partners, and nearly 1,300 employees around the globe, OneStream’s goal is to deliver 100% customer success.

Unlocking strategic market expansion

The organization recognized the significant potential of accessing untapped customer segments. It wanted to explore growth opportunities and evaluate potential in new markets.

Entering new territories with expertise from G-P

OneStream leadership knew the intricate administrative and regulatory compliance tasks associated with expanding globally would be a burden on their human resources (HR) and legal teams. Prior to G-P, OneStream worked with another employer of record (EOR) provider to hire, manage, and pay employees in countries where it didn’t have legal entities. Unfortunately, the partnership proved unsuccessful due to gaps in their expense management solution and issues with securely transmitting employee information.

“If you’re looking to move into new countries, do your homework,” said Martha Angle, VP of Global Culture, Diversity, and People at OneStream.

“We chose to work with G-P after working with a different EOR partner because G-P delivers the trusted support we needed for global expansion. Their platform is secure and makes billing simple.”

Today, G-P’s premium global growth package, G-P Meridian Prime™, provides OneStream with EOR services, self-serve technology, and access to the largest team of in-region HR and legal specialists in the industry. OneStream has employed more than 25 of its global employees, spanning 10 countries across two continents, through G-P.

Simplifying global growth with a trusted partner

The resources provided by G-P prevent the OneStream team from having to navigate the complexities of international growth and allow them to focus on strategic choices, like where to grow and who to hire.

The G-P team comes in with a great overview of each country, so we understand what we're getting into. From insights into financial responsibilities, to social charges, to contractual intricacies and vacation policies, G-P ensures we have a clear and informed perspective so we can make confident decisions about where to grow.

Martha Angle

VP of Global Culture, Diversity, and People at OneStream

International payroll management, a task that was previously complicated for OneStream, has been transformed. The organization has seen a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency and financial clarity.

“After integrating our professional operations with G-P, our international payroll processes have been streamlined on a unified platform,” Angle said. “All our invoices live in one place and the costs are easy to understand. G-P helped us eliminate confusion, discrepancies, and the need to manage multiple sources of information.”

As a data-sensitive software company, OneStream also values the security of the G-P platform. It is adamant that the handling of employee data always be pristine.

“With G-P, our employees are sent to a secure portal, and that level of protection is critical to a company like ours,” said Angle.

We have absolute confidence in how G-P transmits information. They are the only partner we trust to handle confidential employee data.

Martha Angle

VP of Global Culture, Diversity, and People at OneStream

OneStream is committed to providing exceptional care and support for each of its team members. Through its partnership with G-P, OneStream can ensure its international workforce receives meticulous attention to detail when it comes to certifying legal compliance, managing payroll, offering benefits, and enhancing the overall employment experience.

“We trust G-P to engage directly with our staff, which provides consistency and stability in addressing our employees’ needs,” Angle said. “The clear communication and professionalism from our G-P partners put us at ease.”

After having remarkable success expanding to a multitude of countries with G-P as its trusted EOR provider and global growth partner, OneStream made the decision to set up its own entity in seven countries. By first partnering with G-P, OneStream leadership could assess the markets they wanted to expand into before fully committing the time, money, and resources required to establish its own entity.

Through G-P, we gained valuable insights and support that allowed us to make smart decisions throughout our market exploration journey. G-P allowed us to take our time assessing international business opportunities and hiring the right talent, so we were positioned for successful entity establishments.

Martha Angle

VP of Global Culture, Diversity, and People at OneStream

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