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If your company is considering hiring independent contractors in Denmark, follow these best practices to keep the process smooth and successful.

Hiring independent contractors in Denmark

Before you start working with an independent contractor in Denmark, you should understand the legal requirements and how to manage this relationship.

Independent contractors vs. full-time employees

Some of the distinguishing factors between independent contractors and employees include that contractors are their own business and are able to control and direct their own work. They provide services and are legally distinct from the company. Since contractors are legally self-employed, they may have someone perform the work on their behalf and are free to decide when and how the work will be carried out. Under an independent contractor relationship, a company does not need to provide benefits or withhold taxes from the independent contractor.

Penalties for misclassification

Under Denmark law, a company must correctly classify workers to prevent liability in court. All employees are protected by certain rights to benefits and compensation, so if your company misclassifies an employee as a contractor, you could face a lawsuit, penalties, and fines for back payments covering all the individual’s missed benefits compensation. In addition, the employer is liable for the tax which the employer should have withheld, and is at risk of being fined for not complying with the withholding obligations.

How to hire independent contractors in Denmark

The process for independent contractors is different compared to a full-time employee. The contractor hiring process should involve 3 key steps.

1. Carefully conduct interviews.

When hiring independent contractors in Denmark, it’s important to handle the process as a business transaction. During the interview, focus on discussing past client projects, industry certifications, and other key qualifications with candidates. This contrasts with a full-time employee interview where you might focus on questions related to character.

Look for an independent contractor who can best address the specialized type of work they would be completing for your company.

2. Create a service agreement.

To help establish the business relationship, write a formal services or consulting agreement that both parties sign. Include the following terms in the agreement to set appropriate expectations for the role:

  • Pay rates and arrangements
  • Services the independent contractor will provide
  • Length of the contract
  • Termination conditions

3. Know how to work with independent contractors.

When an independent contractor begins working with a company, they may require some introduction to the organization in order to be successful. Consider providing brief training on your company’s different work processes and software if applicable.

An important step in engaging the services of independent contractors is understanding how to work with them. Independent contractors should not receive the level of control or supervision that employees do – they are generally free to perform the work according to their own schedule and methods.

How to pay independent contractors in Denmark

Independent contractors are not on a company’s payroll, so employers must compensate them through a separate system. Companies may need to use an international money transfer service to pay contractors securely.

While a contractor is usually responsible for paying their own social security taxes and income taxes, employers may have some select responsibilities. If unsure of the contractor’s status, the employer should consult the national labor laws and a local lawyer.

Terminating independent contractors

The duration of an independent contractor relationship is usually straightforward, ending on a set date or running on a project-by-project basis. The relevant legal regulations allow you to set your terms of service and extend them. At the same time, it is recommended to detail the terms of termination in the written contract in case you need to end the contract early or extend it.

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