Build a Global Mobility Program to Create an International Brand


Nicole ForbesDeputy General Counsel

About this webinar

Modern commerce is global, and companies benefit from an international position that gives them access to a variety of markets and talent. Employees know this and are increasingly embracing borderless careers. Advances in technology and increasing adoption of remote work means companies can easily relocate their employees across countries. This allows teams to contribute where they are needed — without requiring businesses to hire a new specialist in each location.

However, with new opportunities come new challenges. What are the visa requirements to work in certain countries? When do companies need to pay taxes for an employee working in another country? What are the challenges of permanently relocating workers? These are questions that global companies must be able to answer to ensure compliance within every jurisdiction in which they have employees.

In this session, Nicole Forbes, Deputy General Counsel at G-P, will share her expertise on the following topics:

  • Global mobility compliance: What are the compliance challenges for companies with a mobile workforce and how can they best tackle them?
  • International employee relocation: How can companies efficiently relocate employees to different countries?
  • Global mobility best practices: What are the top strategies to avoid common mistakes when managing a mobile workforce?

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