Fair Work Amendment Act 2022: New Opportunities and Challenges in Australia


Craig GoldblattVP, Partners & Alliances (G-P)
Nicholas PotterAssociate Employment Counsel, APAC (G-P)

About this webinar

Despite consistently low unemployment rates and the effects of a potential global recession, the Australian Government has managed to pass what many pundits are calling monumental changes to industrial relations.

The Fair Work Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 has resulted in many reforms, including changes to pay secrecy clauses, flexible time requests, fixed-term contract limitations, multi-enterprise agreements, and an expansion to the Fair Work Commission’s scope and powers.

But what exactly do these changes entail and how are companies expected to adapt? How can employers ensure compliance with the new law, especially international firms looking to expand into Australia? What opportunities are present in this new employment and business landscape?

In this session, Craig Goldblatt, VP Partners & Alliances at G-P, will join G-P’s legal expert Nicholas Potter, Associate Employment Counsel – APAC, to answer these critical questions and share key points on:

  • The socio-political environment that gave rise to these reforms
  • Tips for navigating the challenges that come with these new reforms
  • Expected timeframes for enforcement and adjustment to these reforms
  • Opportunities that these changes present, especially for international companies
  • How employment technologies can keep companies compliant amid evolving labor laws

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