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ClickDimensions’ Global Reach Enables Success for SMBs Around the World

Organization Size200+ employees
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200+ global employees
8 countries supported

About ClickDimensions

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ClickDimensions provides SMBs with a solution that unifies sales and marketing efforts and gives them control over every lead.

The mission of ClickDimensions is to help small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) unify and optimize their marketing efforts. The marketing technology and services provider has grown rapidly over the past decade, receiving an abundance of accolades for its swift expansion. With G-P’s backing, ClickDimensions is continuing to expand into new markets with ease to ensure it is meeting the needs of SMB marketing organizations across the globe.

Helping SMBs around the world prosper

Since 2010, ClickDimensions has been redefining how marketers work and attain results with a unified marketing technology, analytics, and services platform made exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Now trusted by more than 3,000 organizations across the globe, the ClickDimensions platform includes essential marketing tools to help users attract more leads, close more deals, and more effectively engage customers.

Igniting opportunities, fueling innovation

To reach SMBs worldwide, ClickDimensions recognized the need to expand and establish a presence across numerous countries.

“Being a global company allows us to reach as many SMBs as possible so we can support the needs of marketers around the world,” said Kay O’Mahony, Vice President of Global Human Resources at ClickDimensions. “Expanding internationally brings in new customers and more revenue. Having a global presence also lets us acquire smaller companies and technology to help us innovate and boost our product lines.”

“To connect with and provide the best possible service for SMBs in different regions, we need to have employees located in those markets,” added Kisha Thompson, Chief People Officer at ClickDimensions. “Having employees situated in the same regions as customers and prospects allows us to provide personalized and efficient service with a deep understanding of local market dynamics and culture.”

Charting the course for international expansion with G-P

Initially, ClickDimensions explored setting up an entity in the first country it wanted to expand into but quickly found the process of establishing a legal entity to be complex and time-consuming.

An HR professional’s time is much better spent executing than researching the intricacies of country-specific labor laws, tax policies, employee benefits, and more,” said Thompson. “We decided to leave those details to the experts at G-P.

Kisha Thompson

Chief People Officer at ClickDimensions

ClickDimensions chose to work with G-P, a leader in global growth technology and employer of record (EOR) services that helps businesses overcome the challenges associated with international expansion.

Today, ClickDimensions uses G-P Meridian Prime™ to strategically hire, onboard, and manage its international teams. The G-P solution provides an unmatched coupling of intuitive self-serve technology combined with access to the largest team of in-region HR and legal specialists in the industry.

G-P stood out to us because they have experts on the ground in nearly 200 countries, G-P allows us to hire talent in essentially any country – without worrying about tax, HR, and legal matters – in a matter of days, which is vital to our rapidly growing organization.

Kay O'Mahony

Vice President of Global Human Resources at ClickDimensions

Unlocking market growth potential, unleashing success

G-P has a presence in all eight countries that ClickDimensions has expanded into over the past five years, which has allowed the growing organization to quickly hire international talent. G-P also provides ongoing HR, accounting, and legal support for ClickDimensions’ international employees.

“Entering global markets poses complexities,” said Thompson. “G-P has allowed us to hire in a number of markets very quickly. The expertise of their local specialists, coupled with the intuitive G-P platform, seamlessly deliver solutions that cater to our team’s needs.”

ClickDimensions values G-P’s commitment to providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines global expansion and employee management.

“The G-P platform is simple to navigate and in a few simple steps, employee contracts are created, and new hires are immediately assigned a HR representative to guide them through the onboarding process,” said Sophie McGinnis, HR Generalist at ClickDimensions. “Continuous support from G-P is extended to our staff and our business throughout the entire employee lifecycle.”

“The library of materials in G-P’s Globalpedia equips us with up-to-date policies on country-specific labor laws, norms, and regulations, so we have all the information required to continue our global expansion,” added McGinnis.

The trusted advisors at G-P are there by our side. Their incountry experts are quick to respond and eager to help us understand the nuances of the countries we’re expanding into.

Sophie McGinnis

HR Generalist at ClickDimensions

The ClickDimensions team places high importance on ensuring that all employees hired through G-P truly feel they are part of the ClickDimensions team, and that they receive comprehensive support.

“Ensuring that all our staff feel fully integrated into our team is of utmost importance to us,” explained O’Mahony. “Members of our staff who are employed by G-P have a strong sense of belonging within our company. G-P goes beyond supporting our company’s HR and legal infrastructure; they build connections with our international employees which plays a vital role in fostering a sense of inclusion.”

Venturing into new frontiers

To effectively reach new audiences and serve SMBs worldwide, ClickDimensions will continue to partner with G-P as it explores new markets to enter.

“We will continue to leverage our robust and enduring partnership with G-P,” said Thompson. “We are always surveying new markets so we can connect with more SMBs and captivate new audiences.”

Our partnership with G-P enables us to hire the right talent, when and where we need it, supporting our business needs and our ongoing success.

Kisha Thompson

Chief People Officer at ClickDimensions

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