International Day of Women

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Today is the International Day of Women—a day to take a moment to be grateful for the wonderful women in your life. It’s also a great day to be grateful for EVERYONE who actively supports the cause of equality for people of all races and genders. At Globalization Partners, we have chosen to honor the day of women by fusing two things that Globalization Partners’ work represents together: Internationalism and Equality. Globalization Partners  is celebrating the International Day of Women by sponsoring a table at a fundraiser held by the International Institute of New England.  The International Institute of New England helps refugee and immigrant families settle into the Boston area, by providing English as a second language classes, job training, and other support infrastructure. It’s an incredibly cool organization which represents the best of America: taking the most entrepreneurial people in the world and teaching them how to function well as new Americans. Today’s immigrants also benefit us:  according to the Kauffman Foundation, immigrants comprise 28.5% of entrepreneurs in America in 2014. Entrepreneurs often create jobs and benefit the American economy as a whole; supporting smart immigration is a win-win for everyone 
Our thanks for supporting entrepreneurship and for celebrating equal rights for everyone today.