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Employer of Record in Costa Rica.

G-P provides employer of record services for customers that want to hire employees and run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in Costa Rica. Your candidate is hired via G-P’ Costa Rica Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in accordance with local labor laws and can be onboarded in days instead of the months it typically takes. The individual is assigned to work on your team, working on your company’s behalf exactly as if he or she were your employee to fulfill your in-country requirements.

9Holidays per year
48hours per weekWorking hours per day or month
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Payroll in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a rugged country in Central America containing rainforests and beaches on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. Expanding to this beautiful country is an exciting decision for your company, but there are necessary factors to consider for your new location to be successful. You must assess your Costa Rica payroll options, set up your payroll, and ensure complete compliance.

Hiring in CrCosta Rica.

Hiring can prove difficult anywhere, but it’s even more of a challenge in a new country. You must learn Costa Rica’s employment compliance laws, find top talent, and hire the right employees who will help grow your business. You’ll need an understanding of Costa Rican workplace culture and business etiquette as well. G-P offers Costa Rica hiring outsourcing services to make your expansion easier. We will hire employees to work on your behalf and take the burden of compliance off your shoulders.

Compensation & Benefits in Costa Rica.

Sourcing the right benefits and offering an acceptable level of compensation can present a challenge in your home country — it becomes even more difficult during expansion to a new country. When growing your company to Costa Rica, you must learn the country’s compensation laws, discuss guaranteed and supplemental benefits, and decide whether to outsource or do the work yourself.

NoneMinimum wage per month
2weeksAnnual vacation leave (min)

Costa Rica Subsidiary.

Are you ready to expand to Costa Rica? Expansion can be a complicated process. You need to establish payroll, hire the right employees, make sure they’re compensated correctly, and ensure they receive guaranteed benefits. This is in addition to the stresses of running a new company location and navigating compliance.

Work visas & permits in Costa RicaTypes of work visasRequirements to obtain a visaApplication processImportant considerations

Costa Rica Visas & Permits.

Costa Rica’s tropical climate makes it a popular destination for expatriates from all over the world. However, there are strict guidelines in place to ensure that foreign nationals are not taking job opportunities that could otherwise be filled by Costa Rican citizens and permanent residents. If your company is preparing to expand or outsource operations to Costa Rica, you’ll need to make sure all of your employees have the necessary visas and permits to live and work in this coastal nation.

Costa Rica Contractors.

As companies gain traction around the globe, they may turn to independent contractors to help complete high-value projects, such as marketing initiatives and IT developments. Contractors can be helpful contributors in various ways when companies understand how to hire them and pay them for their services.


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