IVY Exec Features Spotlight on Globalization Partners

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Globalization Partners’ CEO Nicole Sahin is profiled in this article in Ivy Exec:


You have the talent sourced and ready to go at your newly minted hub in Mumbai but, of course, you need a way to pay your suddenly, global team. Unfortunately for you, it’s not quite so simple as wiring money to the new office. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the local labor laws, register the new office as a subsidiary, create a payroll—in short, you’ll need to do a lot of work that will add a time, money and complexity to your expansion efforts.

In 2012, sensing this growing need in the marketplace for a service that could break down the barriers to doing business internationally, Nicole Sahin founded Globalization Partners, a Global PEO that enables companies to grow globally without setting up branch offices or subsidiaries or navigating complex global legal environment. The Boston-based company has helped major companies like Yelp and MeetUp as well as small non-profits and even universities manage and pay their growing overseas teams without all the time, money and complexity that traditionally was required for expanding an international team. Sahin says she was inspired to start her company drawing on her own, personal wanderlust as well as a relentless drive to build a tactical solution for fast-growing and globalizing companies…

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