If you are an HR professional growing a global team, there are a few inevitable challenges you’ll likely encounter. Whether it’s running payroll or hiring and onboarding international employees, to overcome these obstacles, you need to stay informed on industry news, trends, and insights.

Here are five common HR challenges and the top HR resources to help you successfully address them.

Staying on top of HR trends

It is important for HR professionals to stay up-to-date on current trends that affect the workplace. Informed professionals can use trends to do a better job at mastering best practices. These are the top resources for staying up to date on HR trends:

    1. HR Trend Institute 
      Every year, the HR Trend Institute releases a list of HR trends to consider. It also provides great insight and a cured database that includes videos, blog posts, and the latest HR news articles.
    2. Sage People 
      Sage People  offers a wide variety of research and analyst reports that allow HR professionals to stay current on present and future trends. It also has a complete list of resources, eBooks, datasheets, and webinars, covering a wide variety of international HR- related topics.

Creating an impactful employee experience

Employee experience is more important than ever. Knowing what employees expect from the workplace allows HR professionals to create strategies to keep employees engaged, happy, and productive.

To know more about workplace and employee trends, refer to these resources:

    1. Global Workplace Analytics 
      Global Workplace Analytics  compiles news, the latest research, and statistics on workplace experience and employee experience, providing helpful insight into current workplace trends.
    2. HR Zone 
      HR Zone has an ample resource library with reports and whitepapers to  help HR professionals adapt to the new industry trends and demands and create a successful employee experience.

employee experience

Managing labor law compliance

To successfully maintain and manage labor law compliance, it is extremely important that HR professionals stay current on regulations and laws. Compliance ensures legal protection for employees and employers.

    1. Paycor 
      Paycor’s resource center gathers important information regarding payroll, taxes, local laws, and benefits compliance. It also offers articles and reports related to recruiting, people management, and employee experience.
    2. HR.com 
      HR.com is a platform that offers educational tools and resources related to rules and requirements to help HR professionals stay compliant.

Building a powerful talent acquisition strategy

HR professionals must define and implement an efficient and successful talent acquisition process while hiring locally and internationally. Here are resources to learn about the best recruiting practices:

    1. HR Examiner 
      HR Examiner offers workshops, publications, articles, and podcasts to help HR professionals with their talent acquisition and recruiting strategies.
    2. Talent Culture Talent Culture is a community where members share useful insights on culture, talent management, and development, as well as a wide range of helpful materials, from articles to webinars, eBooks, and surveys.

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Ensuring compliant global compensation and payroll

Paying employees in other countries can be complicated and companies should consider local wages, currencies, and other regulations in the process. To stay compliant and offer the right compensation, here are some resources to look at:

    1. Society for Human Resource Management 
      The Society for Human Resource Management has a complete resource database with articles, reports, and research related to payroll, compensation, and wage laws.
    2. Globalization Partners 
      We created Globalpedia, a database with country- specific payroll and compensation laws to help you stay compliant around the world.

It is always key to have a handful of resources to stay current on HR-related matters. And to hire compliantly around the world, we can help. As an Employer of Record, Globalization Partners helps you hire, onboard, and manage global teams.

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