Celebrating International Women’s Day at Globalization Partners

by Karen Pantinas
March 2020
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As CEO of Globalization Partners, I’m proud to say that “our people don’t just fit our culture, they define it.”

This has been a resounding statement that has guided how we’ve built and maintained a great company culture at Globalization Partners. We celebrate our whole employee, professionally and personally —whether it’s closing a major deal, creating an awesome video for an industry gathering, passing the U.S. citizenship test, or welcoming a new baby.

When your team members of different ethnicities or gender, feel a part of a community where they can share their voice, you bring out the best in them and what they can do for the company. That’s what this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, #EachforEqual, means to me.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I want to share an interview with Blanca Aguilar, our HR Generalist in Mexico City, about what this day means to her:

What does #EachforEqual, this year’s theme for International Women’s Day, mean to you in your professional life?

There are many challenges that women have to face when it comes to advancing in the workplace. It’s disappointing that harassment, in its various forms, still continues to be a problem for women working at all levels. It can also be discouraging to see the lack of diversity in senior management or the lack of leadership opportunities for different groups of people. To me, #EachforEqual means representation, to work at seeing more successful female role models in every industry. I feel so fortunate at Globalization Partners, where we respect and honor what both women and men bring to the table. We also have strong female leaders on our Executive Team that show what #EachforEqual looks like in real life.

What does working at Globalization Partners mean to you on this day? How are you or your team going to support the cause?

Being part of a company like this, with a female CEO and women on the Executive Team, gives me hope that there are opportunities for highly qualified women to become a part of great endeavors. At Globalization Partners, we are continuously building an inclusive workplace and creating a culture that fully engages and supports all employees. I am happy to share that Globalization Partners is showing our support for International Women’s Day by participating in “A Day without Women,” where we encourage our female colleagues in Mexico City to work from home in protest. We are sure this will make an impact.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women?

Despite some progress, real change has been slow for most women and girls around the world. Women and girls remain undervalued. We work more, earn less, and have fewer options — and in Mexico City in particular, we suffer from multiple forms of violence at home and in public spaces. The world should empower women who speak up. We can contribute a lot to the workplace because of our unique qualities and differences.

On this International Women’s Day, what is the most important message you want to send out to young women just starting out their careers?

Trust yourself and prepare the best you can. You will face challenges, and the road will never be easy, but the best way to overcome the roadblocks is to compete and be receptive when great opportunities knock at your door. Also, don’t see failure as something negative, embrace it, learn from it, become better, stronger, and move on. Those are the keys to success.


Karen Pantinas

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