Emily Levin

Dawn of a New Global Era

by Emily Levin
September 2018
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When rapid-fire globalization first started, a whole industry sprang up to help companies navigate the HR, tax, legal, and compliance issues of expanding into a new country. The job required masterminding a broad network of laws around the globe – and companies had to setup a company for each client, in every county, every time they wanted to hire a new person in a new country. Its complicated work that takes a long time.

That’s where we come in.

Watch Globalization Partners CEO Nicole Sahin explain our scalable Global Expansion Platform that helps companies expand internationally without the hassle of setting up overseas branch offices and subsidiaries. We cover all issues related to compliance; including taxes, benefits structures, and payroll. Work with us, and we will have your employees onboarded in the countries of your choice in a matter of days – no entity set up, foreign bank account establishment, or complex corporate structure planning necessary on your end.

If you need help with global expansion, get in touch with us today.

Emily Levin

Emily Levin

Senior Manager, Brand & Creative, Globalization Partners

Emily Levin joined Globalization Partners in July 2018 as Communications Manager. Emily has extensive experience in external and internal communications, content creation, and social media management.

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