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Digital Recruitment: 4 Best Practices to Achieve Success

International Hiring

The business world has well and truly embraced digital recruitment; the sourcing, hiring, and onboarding of talent through online platforms. As 2022 winds down and companies continue to source remote candidates from global locations – digital recruitment, also known as digital HR, has never been more vital to the sourcing of skilled talent and ensuring they have a pleasant hiring experience.

Because digital recruitment plays a key role in global hiring these days, it is beneficial for businesses to know and understand the various practices that can help make recruiting online easy and efficient. In the case of G-P, we utilize the latest technology with our #1 SaaS-based Global Growth Platform™ to bring together all the steps of the recruitment lifecycle, so companies and candidates encounter a comprehensive, consistent, and compliant hiring experience.

Human resource managers, recruiters, and hiring managers can all benefit from utilizing AI and other technologies when sourcing and hiring qualified candidates – and we have listed four key best practices to help companies in their digital recruitment journey.

1. AI — a hiring manager and recruiter’s best friend

The advantages of leaning into technology and using the latest AI tools to help with digital recruitment cannot be understated. Automating manual tasks while helping to streamline others during the recruitment stage is very helpful – especially if you are hiring for multiple roles at once, as it cuts down the time hiring managers spend on each application, writing interview notes, following up, and more.

The business world now has access to multiple platforms and tools that can help speed up recruitment processes. From utilizing employment platforms such as G-P´s Global Growth Platform™, that offers a full suite of services, to industry-specific channels like LinkedIn, and job boards like Monster.com, and Indeed, companies can easily find the right technology to suit their needs.

One additional tip noted in G-P article, “4 International Recruiting Tips,” is to assess the tech experience levels of your teams and begin to implement the corresponding tools and platforms, which you can build on as time passes and employees become more comfortable with each tool.

2. A tailored digital recruitment strategy — better for your needs and brand

Tailor your recruitment strategy to align with the needs and brand of your company. A strategy for hiring that fits your company’s requirements allow you to stand out and have an edge over competitors.

A solid digital recruitment strategy includes:

  • Utilizing your social media channels to speak to your existing audience and potential candidates to help spread the word that you are looking for talented professionals – as candidates are likely looking for vacancies on social media. These audiences know your company’s story and already follow your progress, therefore have insight into what your business is about and what it stands for.
  • Incorporating chatbots and personalized messaging as part of the online recruitment process. Using your company’s shared language, logos, and messaging can help reiterate what your company represents and how you present your company to candidates. It also helps retains consistency with messaging.

3. Digital assessments — reduce candidate screening time

As noted in an article by LinkedIn this year, the process of screening applications for the best candidate can be time consuming – but digital assessments can lighten this load.

Digital assessments are the use of AI to help recruiters sift through a mountain of applications in a fraction of the time. These assessments are used to review the characteristics, abilities, skills, and other attributes of candidates via a digital medium, so hiring managers don’t have to, saving time while you produce the list of candidates your company is looking for.

Some of the more popular tools include:

  • Vervoe: AI-backed skills assessment tool
  • Harver: Similar AI-based assessment tool that can assist with interviews and reference checks
  • Pymetrics: Offers soft skills assessments by analyzing and extracting data

4. Maximized candidate experience

In the pursuit of achieving optimal efficiency in your recruitment process, it is important not to forget how your processes impact candidates — they will be the ones most affected by any new digital recruitment strategies you implement. It may help companies to think about how user-friendly certain tools are, the steps to complete an online application, where and how to use additional features such as chatbots, the aesthetic of any online platform you utilize or create, and so on.

As noted by Reoot Peleg, founder of HR for HR, in an interview for an article by Entrepreneur, “The candidate is a customer in every way. We need to go after them with remarketing, blog posts, PR, and more in order to increase the intent and push for a close — just like how a marketer would go after a customer.”

There is no better way to showcase how efficient, intentional, and consistent your company is than during the online recruitment process.

Knowing current digital recruitment trends and practices, and prioritizing the candidate’s experience can help you have the edge over competitors and stay ahead of the digital recruitment curve – not to mention help your company to source exactly the type of talent your business deserves.

Digital recruitment allows companies to tap into diverse pools of talent and not be limited to local talent pools, so it pays to have solid procedures in place to ensure your company can compete with similar businesses to entice and attract talent.

When it comes to managing your brand’s reputation, compliance, and that personal touch, G-P’s Global Growth Platform™, paves the way for your company to unlock opportunities. G-P offers a full suite of services to help you deliver high caliber hiring and onboarding experiences your future employees will remember.

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