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The Easiest Way to Turn International Contractors Into Employees

by Globalization Partners
January 2018
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Companies that want to open in a new market overseas often think hiring a self-employed contractor is the fastest and easiest way to go. As Globalization Partners Vice President of Sales Jane Booth explained in her first video, there are a variety of risks associated with this approach.

But let’s say your company already has independent contractors on the ground internationally, and the company has grown sufficiently large enough such that it’s time to open up your own business subsidiary in the country. What do you do with the contractors?

As Jane explains, a company may come up against some challenging negotiations to come up with an amount to pay those contractors as employees.

But there is a way: If that company were a client of Globalization Partners, those contractors would get hired on our payroll—as full-time employees—right from the start. This approach buys the company time while they begin the work of setting up their own in-country subsidiary. Once the subsidiary is ready, we’d transfer the employees seamlessly from our platform to the clients.

Free Yourself From The Contractor Trap

When companies expand internationally, often they consider hiring independent contractors. While this approach can seem like a way to get around needing a subsidiary, it can be potentially costly in the long run. Download our Whitepaper on the topic and don’t fall into “The Contractor Trap.”

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