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by Globalization Partners
April 2015
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It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for. When the deal is signed for the big exit, it’s a top priority to retain the team that made the company so valuable in the first place. However, in a deal where the assets, but not the overseas subsidiaries, are acquired, the international employees will transfer to the new owner without any entities in place to hire them. So a bridging solution is needed to retain the global talent that made the company worth acquiring.

It can be almost impossible to set up international subsidiaries as quickly as the new owners would need to in order to retain the global sales team.

Enter Globalization Partners.

Our team has extensive experience in large multi-country transactions for clients ranging from mid-cap to Fortune 100 companies.

This is how our clients can win with Globalization Partners when it comes to M&A.

  • Our clients do not need to set up a legal entity in a foreign country, which allows for a smooth and timely acquisition of your new employees.
  • Our team is very responsive under deadlines and will go down to the wire with you to ensure that the offers to the international employees are ready before the ink on the deal dries. We will work closely with you to ensure that everything you need to move forward is set up on the day of the deal.
  • Our solution will act as a bridge to house either large teams of employees, which will eventually be moved to a newly-created subsidiary in the specific country, or a handful of employees, which can remain on the Globalization Partners’ platform indefinitely.
  • Your newly acquired employees will continue to get local benefits and be protected by local labor law. Most importantly, our solution will allow them to continuously do a job they know and love, and ensure that the new company is ultimately successful.

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