Andrea Dumont

Going Global Episode #13: Top Tips for Hiring Contractors Internationally

by Andrea Dumont
April 2019

We know that when companies want to access talent internationally, they often engage people as “contractors”  instead of employees if they don’t have a legal entity in that country that can act as employer. Without an entity, a company cannot register as an employer, make payroll tax payments, or provide benefits. So, companies often think that the only way to hire and pay an individual is to engage them as an independent contractor (or consultant) instead of an employee.

In this episode of “Going Global”, host Andrea Dumont, Senior Vice President of Marketing, chats with Jane Booth, Senior Vice President of Sales, about engaging contractors internationally – and the risks associated with doing so.

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Free Yourself From The Contractor Trap

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Andrea Dumont

Andrea Dumont

Andrea has over two decades of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. She has a track record for identifying growth opportunities and executing impactful, integrated marketing programs that deliver results. Andrea’s passion for international expansion and digital marketing has led her to accelerate growth at startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.