Emily Levin

Going Global Podcast Episode #1: Privacy Shield

by Emily Levin

In the first episode of “Going Global”, Globalization Partners new podcast, Vice President of Marketing Andrea Dumont talks to Adrienne Drew​, Associate General Counsel, about the company’s important Privacy Shield certification.

Globalization Partners, a Global Expansion Platform renowned for its Global Employer of Record that helps companies quickly expand into more than 150 countries without the hassle of setting up overseas branch offices, has received certification from the United States government under the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks. Privacy Shield certification is crucial for United States-based companies doing business in the European Economic Area (EEA), and absolutely necessary to protect clients in operating around the globe.

Globalization Partners is the first, and currently the only, Global Employer of Record with Privacy Shield Framework certification for Human Resources data. Learn more.

Emily Levin

Emily Levin

Communications Manager, Globalization Partners

Emily Levin joined Globalization Partners in July 2018 as Communications Manager. Emily has extensive experience in external and internal communications, content creation, and social media management.