Andrea Dumont

Going Global Episode #14: Smoothing the Path to International Expansion

by Andrea Dumont
May 2019

For many companies, expanding internationally has become less optional and more imperative. But, while expansion can be exhilarating, it can also be fraught with challenges—especially for companies unaccustomed to navigating the legal, regulatory, and cultural terrain of an unfamiliar locale.

In this episode of “Going Global”, host Andrea Dumont, Senior Vice President of Marketing, speaks with Globalization Partners CEO Nicole Sahin, about what our latest research tells us about the challenges companies face when it comes to global expansion – and executives’ best practices to overcome these barriers. Tune in to learn how companies are smoothing their path to international expansion.

If you need help with global expansion, recruitment and hiring overseas—or if you want to invest in and protect your local team, setting them up with compliant, equitable, smart systems that demonstrate your understanding of the local business practices and laws— get in touch with us today.

To learn more about the latest research mentioned in this podcast, download the whitepaper to see the full results of our study.

The CFO’s Secret to Global Business Expansion: Keep Costs Low and Grow Fast

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Andrea Dumont

Andrea Dumont

Andrea has over two decades of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing. She has a track record for identifying growth opportunities and executing impactful, integrated marketing programs that deliver results. Andrea’s passion for international expansion and digital marketing has led her to accelerate growth at startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.