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How We Solve Your Biggest Global Workforce Expansion Problems

by Emily Levin
August 2018
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Earlier this year Globalization Partners, in conjunction with CFO Research, surveyed financial executives from a variety of industries to learn of their challenges when it comes to global business expansion.

Globalization Partners Chief Financial Officer Bob Cahill explains that while companies see boundless opportunities beyond the U.S. market, a clear majority (57%) of senior finance executives viewed the legal, HR, and tax challenges a significant barrier to global growth. Additionally, finance chiefs said recruitment, legal compliance, entity set up, and onboarding are the primary human capital issues they face when it comes to global expansion.

In our survey, an overwhelming majority of finance executives said they believe a trusted global employer of record can do a better job of overcoming these barriers than a typical company can do on its own, which is exactly what we do.

Globalization Partners is a Streamlined Global Expansion Platform . We help companies expand internationally without having to establish a local entity. We cover all issues related to compliance; including taxes, benefits structures, and payroll. Work with us, and we will have your employees onboarded in the countries of your choice in a matter of days.

Get the Whitepaper to see the full results of our study. If you need help with global expansion, get in touch with us today.

Meeting Challenges of International Expansion: CFO Best Practices for Managing Risk While Supporting Global Growth

At Globalization Partners we help companies expand internationally without establishing subsidiaries. So, we surveyed C-level executives at U.S. companies to learn first-hand their challenges when it comes to global expansion. Get all the results—and the solutions. Download our comprehensive, free whitepaper, Meet the Challenges of International Expansion, published in conjunction with CFO Magazine.

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Emily Levin

Emily Levin

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Emily Levin joined Globalization Partners in July 2018 as Communications Manager. Emily has extensive experience in external and internal communications, content creation, and social media management.

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