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India: Hiring sans Red Tape

by Globalization Partners
July 2014
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India. It’s a country famous for three things: some of the best engineers in the world, 1/5th of the world’s population, and impossible quantities of red tape. Often, the last point makes it painful for companies to access the first two. Before hiring even one employee in India, companies traditionally are required to establish a liaison office or subsidiary, which can take up to 6 months and several midnight calls with an Indian legal team. Want to hire a small team in India without jumping through hoops? Consider hiring your employees via our Global Employee Leasing Platform.

Now that you have an easy platform for hiring and can bring your candidates on board without further delay, we advise of the information you might want to consider so you can negotiate with your candidates as they come on board.

Market norm benefits & statutory benefits in India:

  • 4-10 public holidays, depending on region of hire.
  • 12-21 days’ vacation time. 21 vacation days is the normal recommended vacation days allotment for white-collar Indian nationals, although senior professionals may request more.
  • 1 month’s termination notice on behalf of the employer or employee is the generally agreed term, but this is not fixed.
  • Employer’s portion of social security or statutory benefits cost on top of salary in India can be estimated as roughly 12% on top of the total salary costs.
  • Many employers in India also provide supplementary insurances. Globalization Partners can arrange supplementary insurances for your employees in India as part of setting up our service offering.

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