Emily Levin

Survey Results Reveal How Employees Feel About Working on Global Teams

by Emily Levin
January 2019
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How do employees feel about working on global teams? What are the unique challenges or benefits that come from teams working across borders?

These are the questions Globalization Partners tackled in our newly published survey of employees worldwide. Our research found that workers on global teams are overall highly engaged and optimistic about the future. But it also revealed some of the underlying issues that are impacting global teams.

Download the key findings from the 2019 Global Employee Survey to see the full results of our study.

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2019 Global Employee Survey

We surveyed employees across the globe to learn first-hand how they feel about working on global teams. Get all the results. Download our comprehensive overview of the 2019 Global Employee Survey findings to ensure you retain your top international talent and scale your business better.

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Emily Levin

Emily Levin

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Emily Levin joined Globalization Partners in July 2018 as Communications Manager. Emily has extensive experience in external and internal communications, content creation, and social media management.

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