Planning for the future can prove challenging when a single disruptive event, such as the pandemic, disrupts your day-to-day and derails plans. The lessons learned throughout the unique experience of a global pandemic can set the stage for sustainable resiliency for the leaders who rise to the occasion.

Now it’s time to put those learnings into action in 2021. Here are three ways to accelerate your company’s success this year.

Strategy #1: Communicate intentionally and purposefully

Remote work provides a unique opportunity for company leaders to be more open than ever in their interactions across all levels of their business. The democratization of screen time means that everyone, wherever they are, are equally accessible to leaders.

Leaders who act as personal coaches across teams and make clear, direct communication a priority will encourage the best in their employees. When goals are clearly outlined and every team member is clear on their role, progress happens faster – but it starts with communication.

[bctt tweet=”The democratization of screen time means that everyone, wherever they are, are equally accessible to leaders.” username=”globalpeo”]

Without the office lunchroom or a casual chat in the hallway to guarantee information flow, it’s up to leaders to find ways to purposefully share key strategy updates with their team, especially in times of rapid change, and ensure their message is received.

Strategy #2: Make employee engagement and retention a core focus

Talent retention starts as early as the first interview, and definitely at the onboarding process. Employees in a remote setting are finding it difficult to bond with their fellow colleagues and are at risk of feeling excluded or disconnected from the company culture.

Perks must be reimagined for talent retention when teams go remote. New ways to provide support may include home service and utilities payments, optimized remote working spaces, flexible schedules, and career growth advocacy through access to training materials and resources for upskilling. This latter “perk” benefits both parties, employer and employee.

The required skill set for the work of the future is not linear. Rather, we need to prepare professions to flex, to be accustomed to continuous formation and ongoing specialization. This will better prepare your workforce for either vertical or horizontal professional growth, and simultaneously encourage talent retention.

Strategy #3: Identify growth levers – and take action fast

In the post-pandemic world, what are your company’s growth levers? It may include expanding your total addressable market, attracting new partners, changing your pricing strategy, or releasing new products to unlock new customer segments.

It’s up to you as a company leader to identify the growth levers you can pull, and fast, to make 2021 more than just a rebound year.

Here are the growth strategies you can integrate to your plan for 2021 with the help of a partner like an Employer of Record:

  • Engage in M&A: Added capacities, diversified product and service portfolios to cater to changing consumer demands, and a stronger financial standing are just some of the benefits, but speed is key in every m&a transaction. An Employer of Record makes it possible to onboard transferring employees compliantly and quickly, no matter where in the world they are located, and reduce the need for transition service agreements.
  • Enter new markets: Going after new consumer bases is a revenue-boosting fast track. Hire new sales team members in international markets and get them working for you in days.
  • Lower client attrition: Hire the team you need to support global clients in their time zone, creating an exceptional customer experience.
  • Decrease costs: Onboard top talent – without the Silicon Valley price sticker. Hiring experienced, highly skilled workers in lower cost jurisdictions immediately reduces costs and boosts your bottom line.

Make your mark in 2021

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Harold R. McAlindon

This year, my motto for my team is “unity of purpose.” We are dedicated to our cause: create a new path forward for companies that want to hire the brightest talent – anywhere in the world. Every day we are innovating with new ideas, having brave conversations, and breaking down barriers for companies with their own unique missions – and having fun while we do it.

Learn more about how an Employer of Record can help your company create your own path through uncharted territory.

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