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Managing Employee Engagement for Global Teams

by Thomas Merchant
May 2019
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Last week Forbes published a very interesting new study from Peakon, with over 35 million people surveyed. The results showed that wages and workload were not necessarily key factors for why people are unhappy at work and ultimately quit their jobs. What they did find, is how important listening to employees is to keep them on board, engaged, and productive. Without opportunities to feel heard and to contribute, the employee begins to disengage. Companies who want to improve employee engagement and retention must find ways to connect regularly with team members and involve them in the solution process, making them feel like an integral part of the company’s development.

This is particularly true when managing employee engagement for global teams. In Globalization Partners’ 2019 Global Employee Survey, we found global employees in subsidiaries or working from home were more likely to feel disconnected from the organization. However, global team members who had daily or regular contact with their HQ manager and colleagues reported feeling more connected, engaged and involved. Overall, 96% of people surveyed like working for a global organization, and 72% of people like working on global teams—especially when they feel listened to and treated fairly.

Globalization Partners carries out regular internal surveys to measure our own global team’s engagement using both standardized and internally designed self-evaluation surveys. Energage, is an anonymous survey we’ve used to generate a very extensive report with detailed insights into our employee responses. This tool is well adapted for use with global teams as it is offered in 20 different languages.

We’ve also designed our own employee survey using Typeform, an online survey platform that asks questions around setting and accomplishing goals, professional development, as well as responding to statements that are directly linked back to Globalization Partners’ core values – transparency, accountability, passion, and determination.

A positive company culture focused on employee engagement has always been a valued priority at Globalization Partners. We are very proud of our 96% professional satisfaction rate and 4.5 out of 5-star Glassdoor rating. We were listed on Inc. Magazine’s “Best Places to Work in America”, received Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Culture Award, and came in at #35 on their list of the Top 150 Company Cultures in America for 2018.

Our CEO, Nicole Sahin, is dedicated to creating an inclusive happy company cultural that has stretched right across the globe since she founded the company in 2012. This exceptional culture has not only benefited employees and company growth, but our clients’ experience as well – 93% of clients say that they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Globalization Partners’ services. Nicole Sahin attributes this success to what she calls her Triple Bottom Line: prioritizing happy clients, happy employees, and happy shareholders.

Here are some tips on how the Triple Bottom Line works:

Employee Happiness – Build and Maintain a Great Company Culture

  1. Invest in the best
  2. Onboard thoughtfully
  3. Organizational growth starts with individual growth
  4. Prioritize positivity
  5. Celebrate the whole employee
  6. Be human
  7. Nurture your employer brand

Shareholder Happiness

  1. Put integrity first
  2. Stand by your numbers and deliver like a boss
  3. Shareholders invest in people as often as ideas

Clients Happiness

  1. Invest in training the team
  2. Invest in software
  3. Be responsive
  4. Motivate your entire team towards all your company goals
  5. A great relationship starts with a great sales process

The key takeaway for managing employee engagement both locally and globally is rather simple, maintain regular contact with your teams – allowing employees to feel listened to, engaged, treated fairly, and a part of the solution process. Provide tools for self-evaluation, for setting and accomplishing goals, and for professional development that is linked back to the company’s core values. And remember, there never has to be a tradeoff between happy clients, shareholders, or employees. A great company culture is based on treating all people with dignity, which in turn can lead to huge dividends and the long-term success of a company.

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Thomas Merchant

Thomas Merchant

Senior Manager of Communications, Globalization Partners

Thomas Merchant joined Globalization Partners in 2019 as Senior Manager of Communications. Thomas has twenty years of international marketing and communications experience in developing innovative global brand strategy and product-focused communications.

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