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Webinar: Learn How to Reduce Your Overseas Hiring Risk

by Globalization Partners
December 2016
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Worried about how to hire overseas?

Discover alternatives to independent contractors, how to reduce your risk exposure, and ways to get started quickly.

Our expert advisers from Globalization Partners and Osborne Clark spoke about the challenges of global hiring and understanding less risky alternatives to independent contractors.

  • Explore motivations for expanding business overseas and discuss the options for hiring quickly
  • Define “independent contractor” and examine the risks of mis-classification
  • Discuss the use of sales agents in Europe
  • Explain the Global PEO and the legal implications of using one
  • Clarify legal requirements for direct employee relationships
  • Walk through the decision process for setting up a subsidiary, using a Global PEO, or hiring a contractor
  • Reveal how to transition to a long term solution
  • Identify common problems
  • Share strategies for risk mitigation
  • Q & A


Sponsored by The International Trade Council.

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Globalization Partners

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