Bolstered by 2020’s demand for new technology to facilitate our work and connect us, tech has proven to be a resilient industry around the world.

In Asia-Pacific, Internet and technology entities received the greatest investment over other industries since 2018, according to Bain & Co, and it’s paying off. Cloud technology environments in Australia are ahead of many other major players in 2020, and nothing can stop Australian tech startups, not even a pandemic. What fueled their growth?

What do Australia’s tech success stories have in common?

The unicorns, meaning companies that are valued at least AU$1 billion, have a common trait: They’re building software and tools that enhance connectivity, productivity, or security, helping both companies and individuals continue finding success when virtual infrastructure is more important than ever.

Here are three Australian tech unicorns to learn from:

Australia’s newest unicorn

Back in May 2020, investors identified a new tech unicorn was in the works. Nuix, a little-known forensic software company, was tipped to be the next big thing in Australian tech and, in fact, it recently lodged its prospectus for an initial public offering.

On November 18, Nuix was valued at AU$1.8 billion, and in another valuation, Morgan Stanley listed Nuix at US$2.4-3.4 billion.

The pandemic-born unicorn that grew through lockdown

In April, near the beginning of the global lockdown, Safety Culture was valued at AU 1.3 billion. This followed a funding round of AU$60.5 million. SafetyCulture built an app to help businesses stay compliant with safety regulations.

Not only did SafetyCulture receive a unicorn valuation in early 2020, its user base grew throughout this difficult year — by 57 percent in four months. This latter fact signals huge engineering efforts, most of which will have taken place on sofas and makeshift desks in Q2 2020.

[bctt tweet=”Not only did SafetyCulture receive a unicorn valuation in early 2020, its user base grew throughout this difficult year — by 57 percent in four months.” username=”globalpeo”]

An age-old unicorn still going strong

Sydney-founded graphic design company Canva grew during lockdown. Thanks to tools like Canva, many companies could seamlessly shift to remote work, share graphic design capabilities across the team, and collaborate in a virtual environment. Canva for Teams was launched in October 2020, in response to demand for creative technology.

Like SafetyCulture, Canva also increased usage during 2020. Design creation and sharing rose 50 percent since the virtual-first workplaces were enforced. Moreover, a round bringing in AU$87.3 million increased its valuation to AU$87 billion.

What can you learn from Australia’s 2020 unicorns?

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