Bret Silverberg

Dealing With The Challenges of Navigating the Maze of Global Employment Law is Not Optional

by Bret Silverberg
June 2018

Globalization Partners was built with global legal compliance embedded into the company’s DNA.

In fact, as Nancy Cremins, Globalization Partners Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, tells it, there is actually “no such thing as a global framework for employment.”

“Each country, sometimes each province or each specific state within a country, has its own rules and regulations that have to be navigated, dealt with, and complied with, regardless of whether you understand them or not,” Cremins said.

Cremins’ remarks kicked off a panel discussion titled, “Strategies from Global Business Leaders” at the Bloomberg Law Leadership Forum May 23, 2018. Discussions centered around the idea of a “global legal framework,” and the massive challenge of complying with laws around the world.

Cremins’ statements, along with the entire panel, can be viewed here:

Bret Silverberg

Bret Silverberg

Director, Content Strategy, Globalization Partners

Bret Silverberg joined Globalization Partners in April 2017 as Director of Content Marketing. Bret has extensive experience in publishing, including his background in human resources and employment marketing.