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The New Way of Handling Headcount Post-M&A

by Globalization Partners
April 2018
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With a merger or acquisition, there are a variety of changes to consider. One of the important—yet sometimes overlooked—changes involves headcount. Primarily: Where will employees now sit from a logistical, and legal, standpoint.

This is a common challenge for a company making an acquisition, most often when they acquire employees who work outside of the U.S. in areas where the acquiring company has no entity.

It seems like a small problem, but ultimately it’s a major challenge on paper. This is where our Global Employer of Record model can help.

Globalization Partners specializes in helping companies set up employees in countries where they do not already have a recognized business entity. But we also have solutions when it comes to M&A activity. Particularly when M&A activity results in the problem described above.

Why You Need Our Global PEO to Launch Your Portfolio Firms Internationally

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