Engineering Vision Statement

At Globalization Partners, we strive to create a knowledge driven and inclusive culture characterized by a collaborative approach to problem solving at all levels of our organization. Simplifying global expansion is not an easy task, but our highly motivated engineering team thrives on challenges and is actively ushering the future of a location agnostic workforce.

Engineering Values
Team First

Our colleagues are our most important asset. We invest heavily in communication and champion an egoless culture.


Everyone in our GP community has the ability to collaborate with a dynamic and diverse global team working toward a common goal.


Inclusion is an important aspect of our rapidly growing team and everyone has the opportunity to build upon our engineering culture.

Continuous Learning

As a high performing team we strive to continuously learn from each other and grow personally and professionally.

Globalization Partners is committed to Boston’s Engineering Community

Our engineering department is committed to engineering excellence and to being a collaborative and forward thinking place where individuals can continuously grow their careers. We strongly believe that Boston is a city that shares the same values, and we could not be happier to be a member of this amazing tech community.

Globalization Partners is committed to Galway’s Engineering Community

Our engineering team is thrilled to be part of Galway’s vibrant and culturally rich engineering community. At Globalization Partners we are committed to the growth of Galway’s tech community, our ultimate goal is to establish an innovation center in this historic cultural capital of Ireland.

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