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AmbioPharm’s International Presence Propels Pharma and Biotech Advancements

Organization Size500+ employees
Use CaseEnter new markets
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About AmbioPharm

AmbioPharm, founded in 2005 and headquartered in North Augusta, South Carolina, is a leading global peptide Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization with over 500 global employees.

AmbioPharm stands as the global leader in New Chemical Entity (NCE) and peptide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing, providing comprehensive services to pharmaceutical, research, and biotech companies worldwide. AmbioPharm strategically teamed up with G-P to support its local workforce in key international regions, strengthening global operations and streamlining payroll management.

Pioneering global excellence in peptide services

With an expansive international presence, AmbioPharm boasts one of the largest peptide manufacturing capacities globally, allowing for expedited peptide API manufacturing and services at a lower cost than competitors. This advantage positions AmbioPharm as an industry trailblazer, setting new standards for quality, efficiency, and affordability in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Global presence, local engagement

With an extensive global customer base, AmbioPharm recognized the need to establish a local presence in strategic regions to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.

AmbioPharm initially partnered with a different Employer of Record (EOR) based in Switzerland to compliantly hire employees without the need to establish a branch office or subsidiary in certain countries. Unfortunately, it faced challenges including inefficient payroll management, cumbersome record keeping practices, and communication barriers.

Elevating global operations with expertise from G-P

In need of a more effective solution, AmbioPharm sought recommendations for an alternative EOR vendor from its payroll provider, which recommended G-P. Today, AmbioPharm leverages G-P Meridian Prime™ to manage its global teams, quickly and compliantly, with access to insights and expert global employment and expansion guidance.

Ambiopharm Elevating Global Operations

Making global growth simple

Whether onboarding or offboarding global talent, AmbioPharm’s HR leaders leverage the expertise of G-P to ensure meticulous compliance with local laws while adeptly managing these sensitive processes. Using G-P’s Employment Contract Generator, the organization can easily create compliant contracts tailored to individual countries with just a few clicks. This feature helps enable AmbioPharm to attract top talent through up-to-date benefits reviewed by HR experts while also ensuring localized support for specific HR requirements.

Conducting business on an international scale is complex, but with G-P, I feel confident knowing they stay on top of the ever-changing laws in each country. The country insights provided by G-P are invaluable.

Teresa Cheek

Director of HR, IT and Administration at AmbioPharm

The simplicity of payroll management through G-P has allowed AmbioPharm to fund payroll in various currencies and easily implement changes, empowering its HR leaders with a solution that makes international payroll management simple.

G-P’s straightforward payroll management adds a layer of simplicity to handling global operations. Putting my trust in G-P means navigating the international business landscape with confidence and ease.

Teresa Cheek

Director of HR, IT and Administration at AmbioPharm

Forward perspectives

AmbioPharm’s collaboration with G-P has not only played an essential role in achieving operational enhancements and optimized HR processes but has also impacted the company’s overall market position and business growth. The partnership has empowered AmbioPharm to hire top talent in any market, reinforcing its position as a global leader in NCE and peptide API manufacturing and allowing it to strengthen relationships with pharmaceutical, research, and biotech companies around the globe.

As AmbioPharm grows in the future, its leadership team plans to continue leveraging G-P’s EOR expertise and support as the organization navigates the complexities of international employment.

Our partnership with G-P is ongoing and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with them as we further strengthen and support our global presence.

Teresa Cheek

Director of HR, IT and Administration at AmbioPharm

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