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Deliverect’s Swift Expansion Drives Restaurant Success Worldwide

Organization Size500+ employees
Use CaseEnter new markets
500+ global employees
40+countries supported

About Deliverect

Deliverect is a Belgium-based SaaS company that was founded in 2018 and simplifies online food delivery management. Its solutions provide order integration and reporting for the hospitality industry. Deliverect seamlessly integrates online orders from food delivery, allowing its customers to improve operational service and increase customer satisfaction.

The journey of expanding to new markets can feel uncertain, but it’s the only way to achieve success globally. Deliverect’s mission is to be the universal backbone of on-demand food, and the organization has achieved just that. Deliverect currently helps more than 43,000 hospitality businesses across 40 markets streamline their online order management, so they can focus on their craft and their customers. With the help of G-P, Deliverect has been able to unlock endless possibilities for expansion.

Helping restaurants around the globe thrive

Founded in 2018, Deliverect is a software as a service (SaaS) company that automates restaurants’ online order flow through a single point, taking delivery and takeout requests from online food delivery platforms and transferring them straight to the kitchen.

“Our team believes that restaurants are the glue of our society,” said Zhong Xu, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Deliverect. “While the future of food delivery is digital, not all restaurants have the technology or expertise to make the most of it. That’s where Deliverect comes into play. We help restaurants not just survive but thrive.”


Catalyzing opportunities for global growth

Expanding to new markets has been essential to Deliverect’s mission of supporting the global hospitality industry as it adapts to the digital world.

“We’ve been in hyper-growth mode for several years because we want to reach as many restaurants as possible,” said Xu.

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In 2019, we had 30 employees located in 5 offices around the world. Fast forward four years and we have approximately 500 employees across 40 markets.

Zhong Xu

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Deliverect

Venturing across borders with G-P

“It’s not always a fast, easy, or cost-effective process to set up a legal entity in each country we wish to hire in,” said Regina Simao, Global Head of Reward at Deliverect. “The needs of hiring someone in a certain location are sometimes urgent.”

Deliverect decided to work with an employer of record (EOR) to hire talent as quickly as it was hoping to expand. Leadership evaluated and chose G-P, a recognized leader of the global employment industry. G-P provides global employment expertise and EOR services for customers that want to compliantly hire employees and run payroll without first establishing a branch office or subsidiary in the respective market.

Today, Deliverect counts on the premium growth products and features provided by G-P Meridian Prime™ to strategically hire, onboard, and manage their global teams, anywhere in the world. G-P also equips Deliverect with expanded global expertise, insights, and white glove services to guide Deliverect’s strategic expansion plans

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Mastering market expansion

Rather than focusing on the local legislation and logistics of hiring in a particular market, the Deliverect team can focus on where they want to expand and what talent they would like to bring on board. With the help of G-P, Deliverect has been able to enter 40 new markets over the past two years – an accomplishment that would have been impossible had it not worked with an EOR partner.

“G-P sends us exactly what we need to know about issuing a contract and hiring in a specific location. From information about employment contracts and HR legislation, to employee benefits and payroll, G-P provides everything we need to know about hiring internationally.”

Through our partnership with G-P, we can hire professionals nearly anywhere in the world.

Regina Simao

Global Head of Reward at Deliverect

Because G-P provides EOR services for Deliverect, G-P is the legal employer of some employees, but Deliverect directs the daily work of all its team members. G-P puts Deliverect’s professionals on G-P’s locally compliant payroll, makes the appropriate tax deductions and filings, allows Deliverect to offer competitive benefits packages, and generates locally compliant employment contracts. The professionals hired through G-P work exactly as if they were Deliverect employees.

“Culture holds significant importance for our organization,” said De Clercq. “People who come on board with us through G-P, we consider them 100% Deliverect employees. We find the talent and G-P helps us hire and onboard them in accordance with local labor laws in a matter of days or weeks.”

The G-P customer success manager who supports Deliverect has a deep understanding of Deliverect’s culture and its business goals. And while Deliverect has a close working relationship with the global employment experts at G-P, the team also appreciates the self-service features of the G-P Meridian platform.

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“I find the G-P platform to be extremely user-friendly,” said Wioletta Lesniak-Magda, Lead Global Mobility Partner at Deliverect. “It allows us to effortlessly manage talent and run reports. It also includes Globalpedia, which provides incredibly useful information on labor laws in each country. In addition to our G-P account manager, who is outstanding, we have access to HR and legal experts in each country.” “

We receive one invoice in one currency from G-P,” added Simao. “All we need to do is look at the invoice and pay it. Done. Dusted. There are no barriers, no borders, no limitations, no different currencies — nothing to worry about when it comes to different HR rules, tax rules. They’re there and they do that for you, and at the end of the day employees get paid on time, they get the benefits you choose for them to have, and they get a compliant pay slip, and you get an invoice. It’s nice, neat, fast, clean, perfect.”

Glimpsing into the future

With the help of G-P, Deliverect plans to continue entering new markets, while also establishing entities in some of its existing markets, so it can reach restaurants around the globe.

“We are always expanding,” added De Clercq. “We are really the global player in this space. We will continue supporting customers around the world, and G-P will continue to be a valued partner as we discover new markets to grow into.”

The minute we decide to enter a new market, I trust our partners at G-P will give us all the information we need to hire there The process of breaking into new markets would be tedious without G-P.

Wioletta Lesniak-Magda

Lead Global Mobility Partner at Deliverect

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