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Hiring Beyond Borders: Strategies for Startups



Rich CoffeyDirector, Strategic Partnerships, G-P
Sergio PereiraEntrepreneur, CTO, Tech Consultant, and International Public Speaker

About this event

The global marketplace has unlocked exciting opportunities for startups to tap into talent pools beyond their borders. Hiring internationally brings a wealth of advantages, including access to diverse skill sets and cultural perspectives, and increased innovation. However, venturing into the realm of global recruitment can be daunting, especially for startups in the crucial Series A and B rounds of funding.

Join moderator and G-P’s Director, Strategic Partnerships Rich Coffey, alongside our guest expert, remote work advocate, Startup CTO, Sergio Pereira for a fireside chat aimed at helping HR professionals and startup founders understand the benefits and challenges of hiring internationally within the regulatory framework of GDPR, SOC 2 compliance and HIPPA.

Attendees can expect to learn:

  • How to build a global recruitment strategy and explore the advantages of hiring beyond borders, such as access to specialized talent and cost-effective sourcing.
  • The importance of compliance with local labor laws and establishing effective procedures for managing payroll, benefits, and taxation.
  • How to leverage technology and remote work, including best practices for managing remote teams, fostering engagement with a distributed workforce, and maintaining productivity across time zones.


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