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Overcome the Challenges of Global Growth: How to Eliminate Barriers to International Hiring



Bob CahillCFO, Globalization Partners

About this event

The best data scientist in Europe. An extraordinary marketing expert in Africa. A critical security advisor in Asia. You want the best talent on your team, but not the legal and financial minefield that comes with international hiring.

As remote work becomes standard in many organizations, so does the possibility of hiring people no matter where they live. Recruiting top talent before your competition can help your business grow exponentially.

But hiring international employees will introduce a catalog of new filings, activities, and procedures for your legal and finance staff that may require country-specific legal counsel when engaging in the global marketplace.

Does all this mean that you and your team must become experts in the labor, tax, and finance laws of each country you want to hire someone? Fortunately, there’s an easier, faster option: using a Global Employer of Record.

Join Bob Cahill, Chief Financial Officer, Globalization Partners, and get all the insights on how to reduce the risk of hiring international talent and remove the barriers in the way. A global Employer of Record can help your company overcome obstacles, preserve resources and move faster by offering a compliant solution. Key Takeaways:

  • Top areas of financial & legal risk for companies just beginning to grow an international team
  • Tips on how to approach international hiring based on your company’s goals
  • How an Employer of Record works and the advantages it can provide to companies


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