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The Great Migration: What to Do When Everyone Is Everywhere



Nicole SahinFounder and CEO, Globalization Partners

About this event

There’s no turning back. What began as the world’s largest remote work experiment is now standard practice, and quite an efficient one — data proves that remote employees are more engaged and productive.

However, as working professionals free themselves from the restrictions of an office commute, a new challenge arises. Companies must be ready to adapt with dedicated resources to maintain legal compliance and relocation flexibility for employees. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that you’re paying employees according to the laws of the location in which they live.

Is your company ready to succeed in a world where anyone can work from anywhere?

Join Globalization Partners Founder and CEO Nicole Sahin in this conversation about the immediate challenge of ensuring compliance for your existing workforce in a remote-first world.

We will cover the most relevant questions for companies seeking to work with international talent, including:

  • Do the employees have the legal right to live and work in a location different from where your headquarters are?
  • What does it cost to let employees keep their jobs, remote working from their new jurisdictions?
  • Should your company re-assess for local compensation benchmarking?
  • What if employees don’t have the legal right to work where they wish to relocate?
  • How can a Global Employer of Record help you stay compliant with a remote workforce?


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