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Treasury Management for the Global Contingent Workforce

Treasury Management for the Global Contingent Workforce


Maritza Gerde
Maritza GerdeVP of Treasury

About this event

When companies embark on global expansion, including hiring contingent workers, managing finances can be challenging, especially when dealing with different currencies and regulations. It’s essential to have a solid understanding of treasury management to ensure the financial readiness and resources to pay global contractors and meet obligations.

In this webinar featuring G-P’s Maritza Gerde, Vice President of Treasury, we will discuss the key principles of treasury management for businesses looking to use the expertise of a global contingent workforce. We’ll explore how to manage cash flow when paying global contractors, including understanding currency exchange rates and how to manage the associated risks of rate fluctuation.

Join Maritza, and learn how build and scale your treasury management practices, including:

  • Best practices in cash forecasting and preparing for currency exchange rate fluctuation for the global contingent workforce.
  • Benefits of centralizing cash management activities vs. funding different locations across multiple currencies.
  • How to streamline global accounting processes to decrease the need for account reconciliations and more internal controls.


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