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What HR Challenges Will You Face in 2021?



Emily BoyntonVice President, Human Resources, Globalization Partners
Debbie MillinChief Operating Officer, Globalization Partners

About this event

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, many human resources teams have been faced with dramatic changes in the way they must support their employees. Namely, a global shift to remote work has presented challenges, but also many benefits and opportunities for companies.

Even before the pandemic, a 2019 survey showed that 98 percent of employees would like the option to work from home at least a couple of days a week for the rest of their careers. At the same time, 82 percent of remote managers are “concerned about employee focus and productivity.”

This year has proven that companies’ futures lie in their ability to adapt to new global environments. While HR professionals may no longer have to deal with in-office issues, they’re faced with a whole new world of supporting telecommuting and the complexities of remote work.

Research commissioned by LinkedIn, in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation, found that 54 percent of HR managers think that mental health issues, such as anxiety, burnout, isolation, and loneliness, have become more prevalent in their company due to remote work.

In this session, Debbie Millin, chief operating officer at Globalization Partners, and Emily Boynton, vice president of human resources at Globalization Partners, will discuss the top challenges they predict HR teams will encounter in the coming year, plus actionable strategies to manage hurdles.

You will learn:

  • Why identifying gaps in communication and perfecting how a remote team bonds is critical to employees feeling heard and maintaining a sense of well being
  • How remote-first mindsets are causing companies to look for new talent around the world, not just close to headquarters and why HR teams should build out a “tool stack” of partners to help them prepare for the era of talent decentralization
  • Why overcoming cross-cultural barriers is essential and how HR teams will play a key role in making global diversity a company’s superpower


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