G-P Meridian Contractor

The best way to work.

The best way to pay.

Only G-P Meridian Contractor lets you hire and pay contractors in 180+ countries, quickly and easily, as an extension of our #1 Global Growth Platform™. And our new self-serve portal lets you start in just minutes with simple, self-guided workflows.

SPECIAL OFFER: Pay no monthly fee in 2023*

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G-P Meridian Contractor

Power meets flexibility – the benefits are built in.

By adding the fast, flexible, fintech-powered payment magic of Wise directly into our industry-leading G-P Meridian Contractor, we’ve created the ultimate solution for all your contractor needs.

Flexible Payments

Make payments instantly, in your choice of currency, via a digital wallet, ACH, bank transfer, wire transfer or credit/debit card.

Powerful Tracking

Track payments and pay multiple invoices with total transparency.

Wise Batch Payments

Process batch payments for multiple invoices in the same or different currencies in a single transaction.

Locked-in Rates

Lock in real-time guaranteed quotes at the time of payment to avoid exchange fluctuations as the transaction progresses.

Lower Fees

Save money with lower payment fees and no hidden transaction fees.

Transaction Summaries

Get transparent payment summaries to easily review transactions and monitor rate and fees.

Contract Options

Choose from G-P’s locally compliant contracts or edit and implement your own.

new feature

Custom Reports

Create custom reports from contractor data for better operational insights.

Pricing & Product Features

G-P Meridian Contractor, now with built-in Wise payment technology, is as cost-effective as it is powerful. Here’s a summary of the value you can expect with G-P.

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Start now and pay no monthly fee through the end of 2023.

Skip the Fee in ’23*

Unbeatable Hiring Power

Hire contractors in 180+ countries in minutes on one single platform.

Built-in Wise Services

With our new embedded fintech capabilities, G-P delivers a new level of speed, flexibility, and transparency in payment processing.

A Unified Experience

Our Global Growth Platform™ ensures that the end-to-end experience is effortless and consistently excellent for you, your employees and contractors, anywhere in the world.

An Easy-To-Use Platform

You can manage the contracting and invoicing contractor process in a few clicks, while your contractors can create automated invoices directly on the platform and manage the invoicing and payment process directly on it.

Self-Service Workflows new feature

Our new self-serve portal lets you start in just minutes with simple, self-guided workflows that let you take control of hiring.

* Use of G-P Meridian Contractor does not guarantee against classification risk. G-P Meridian Contractor does not provide legal advice and all users are encouraged to seek independent legal counsel regarding their workforce engagement strategies.

Opening quotation marks "At G-P, our mission is to create a borderless and equitable world of work. Delivering flexible payment options is critical to delivering on that mission and meeting the needs of today’s professionals." Closing quotation marks

Nat (Rajesh) Natarajan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, G-P

The ultimate in real-time tracking and transparency.

Now payments are as simple and stress-free as they should be. The ability to track invoices, payments and see detailed breakdowns of all transactions in real time provides complete transparency to your business and contractors. It’s what you’ve been waiting for – and more.

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G-P Contractor Invoice
Working team
G-P Contractors Create Contract

Intuitive and easy-to-use, for maximum control.

Whether you begin with our quick account signup or choose our self-service workflows, you’re in control from the start. Easily find answers to common questions, set up fast, and get going on the spot. We offer contracts that are fully compliant with local laws and regulations, or you can easily implement your own contracts to fit your unique needs.

G-P Meridian Contractor –
Try it risk-free, with no monthly fee in 2023.

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G-P helps growing companies unlock their full potential by making it possible to build highly skilled global teams in days instead of months.

Through our SaaS-based platform, we help you find, hire, onboard, pay, and manage team members, quickly and compliantly, to expand growth opportunities for everyone, everywhere – without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices.

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