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The Solution for All Your Contractor Needs

Does your company need to build teams of skilled contractors, and fast? Look no further. With G-P Contractor, you can hire contractors in 180+ countries, quickly and easily. An extension of the Global Employment Platform™, this best-in-class offering provides support throughout the entire lifecycle of contractors hired for both short- and long-term projects.

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"Excellent customer service and global knowledge."

May 11, 2022

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Go Global

Go global, at blazing speed.

You can hire contractors in 180+ countries, quickly and easily, with one single platform.

Empower your contractors.

Give access to your contractors to the #1 SaaS Global Employment Platform™ to ensure their end-to-end hiring experience and invoicing experience is transparent and consistently excellent, regardless of location.

Capitalize in our experience
Unlock accurate payroll

Unlock accurate payments.

G-P Contractor eases contractor bi-monthly payments in 150 currencies and automatically generates competitive global contracts through Globalization Partners’-#1 SaaS-based Global Employment Platform™ — all without requiring you to set up an entity or an international bank account.

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Check out the fees for our different offerings in different currencies! Don’t hesitate to reach out for any fee-related questions. Unlock the power of global remote teams now!

G-P Contractor

The Solution For All Your Contractor Needs

USD 49



per month*

Go Global, FAST. You can hire contractors in 180+ countries quickly on one single platform.

Unified experience. Our Global Employment Platform™ ensures that the end-to-end experience is transparent and consistently excellent for you and your employees and contractors, regardless of location.

Accurate payments. It removes the need to use multiple in-country experts, varied payment platforms, and multiple points of communication.

Save hours of admin. Your contractors can create automated invoices directly on the platform and manage the invoicing and payment process directly on it.

Easy-to-use platform. Manage the contracting and invoicing contractor process in a few clicks.

Remain complaint with GDPR. Create and sign contracts with data privacy clauses in seconds to allow processing of personal data.

*additional fee applies
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The solution for all your contractor needs.

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G-P helps growing companies unlock their full potential by making it possible to build highly skilled global teams in days instead of months. Through our SaaS-based platform, we help find, hire, onboard, pay, and manage team members, quickly and compliantly, to expand growth opportunities for everyone, everywhere – without the hassle of setting up local subsidiaries or branch offices.

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