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Albania Recruiting and Hiring

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Recruiting the right employees to help run your Albania subsidiary is one of the most important tasks of an expansion. As an employer, you have to figure out how to hire Albanian employees and learn the country’s employment compliance laws to avoid fines and delays. Plus, you need to focus on running your company in a foreign country.

Globalization Partners offers a better solution through our Employer of Record platform. We’ll work hard to make your international expansion easier by hiring employees who work for you, then taking care of payroll, compensation, benefits, and more. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind about compliance and focus your efforts on growing a new company location.

Recruiting in Albania

Before you start recruiting in Albania, you need to master the country’s culture and business etiquette. As a small European country, this region has a limited candidate pool, so it’s important that you impress the people you want to hire. Understanding proper business norms can help you build strong relationships along with a thriving business network. Here are three steps you should follow during the hiring process to adhere to the country’s culture.

1. Value First Impressions

People care about first impressions, especially when they’re conducting business, so you should use the right greeting. For a male candidate, extend your hand for a handshake while maintaining continuous eye contact. Greet a woman with a lighter handshake. Use an individual’s title when you greet them, as titles are also valued in the country.

You’ll also need to dress the part. Wear formal clothes for business meetings, such as a suit and tie, dress, or tailored shirt and skirt. Both men and women tend to favor darker colors for business meetings. Wearing the right clothes will show candidates that you’re serious about your company and making an informed hire.

2. Consider Hiring a Translator for Negotiations

Albanian is the country’s official language. If you’re not fluent, we recommend hiring a translator who can help you negotiate with candidates. Haggling is a common practice, and your potential employees may argue for a higher salary, more time off, or other benefits. For various business negotiations, officials make the final decisions and may deliberate for long periods. Most individuals look down on offering new solutions during negotiations and want suggestions backed by hard facts and proven methods.

3. Accept and Offer Alcohol During Business Dinners

If you invite a job candidate to a business dinner, expect to have raki on the menu. This alcoholic beverage is a favorite in the country, and it’s essential that you accept the gesture. Most people will pay for the first meal, then expect you to pay for the second if they ask you out for a business dinner again.

The Recruitment Process in Albania

Advertising your job in front of the right audience will help you find the most talented candidates. Some popular job sites include:

  • The United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
  • CareerJet
  • Dua Pune
  • Learn4Good
  • Riley Guide

If you plan on recruiting expats who are in Albania or beyond, try Overseas Jobs, Go Abroad, or LinkedIn. However, keep in mind that hiring foreign employees involves additional restrictions. All expats will need a work permit and residence permit to work for your company.

Once you start to hire talented employees, you can create a referral program to make new hires. Your existing employees can recommend individuals they know, and you can reward them with a bonus or additional day off if you hire their candidate. This setup will help you with staffing your business in Albania and give existing employees a reason to continue working for your company.

Discrimination Laws and Pre-Employment Checks

Article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania asserts that employers cannot discriminate against individuals based on:

  • Gender
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Philosophical beliefs
  • Economic status
  • Education
  • Social status

Laws also state that you cannot process personal data from candidates unless it’s for lawful use and necessary during the staffing and recruiting processes. If you’re processing such personal data, you’ll need to inform candidates through a written letter and let them know about the applicable legislation regarding personal data protection.

How to Hire Albania Employees

While Albania employment compliance laws do not require an employment contract, we recommend hiring employees with one. These contracts can be either oral or written, but written contracts are typically stronger. Make sure you draft the employment contract in the local language and include important terms such as compensation, benefits, termination requirements, and more. All compensation and salary amounts should be in Albanian Lek instead of another currency.

Albania Employment Compliance Laws

Albania uses several pieces of legislation to cover the relationship between employers and employees. These laws apply to private sector employees, certain public sector employees, and civil servants in an employment relationship governed by the Law of Civil Servants.

All employers must follow laws relating to the following guidelines:

  • Non-discrimination obligation
  • The right for employees to unionize
  • Protection of employees that denounces corruption
  • Minimum age of employees
  • Health and safety precautions at work
  • Full safety and protection of employees’ personalities
  • Protection of pregnant women and applicable facilities
  • Minimum salary requirements
  • Overtime limits
  • Annual holidays and paid leave
  • And more

How Do You Onboard Employees in This Country?

Since every business is different, you’re free to onboard employees using a process that works best for your company. However, you can take certain steps that will make more employees more comfortable and ready to start in their new position. Try scheduling plenty of on-the-job training during the employee’s first day or week, and try to travel to Albania for the onboarding process. You can also choose to onboard multiple employees during the same week to save time and help employees bond.

Benefits of Albania Hiring Outsourcing Services

Hiring Albania employees can turn into a long process. You have to start by recruiting talented candidates, then researching Albania’s employment compliance laws. Once you’re finally ready to hire these employees, you also have to make sure your subsidiary is in place. Globalization Partners uses Albania hiring outsourcing services that can help you start working faster. We can find the right people to fill your open positions, then provide a positive hiring experience that will allow employees to become productive from the beginning.

Choose Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners has a team of experts ready to help make your expansion easier. Contact us today to learn more about our Albania hiring outsourcing services.


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