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Angola Compensation & Benefits

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Choosing the right benefits for your company will make a difference in both compliance and employee satisfaction. Your Angola benefit management plan must include statutory benefits so that you can stay compliant, but including supplemental benefits can also encourage employees to stay in their positions. Compensation is important too, as employees want to make a certain amount, and you need to meet Angola compensation laws.

Globalization Partners can take the guesswork out of compensation and benefits. We offer Angola compensation and benefits outsourcing services that will help you stay compliant and know your employees are getting the best options. When you work with us, you can put all of your time and energy into running your business.

Angola Compensation Laws

Angola’s compensation laws include a monthly minimum wage that varies by industry. For example, employees in the transport, services, and manufacturing industry should make at least 18,754 kwanza a month, while those in the extractive industry and trade should make 22,504.50. All other economic sectors make at least 15,003 kwanza a month.

Employees who have worked for your company for at least one year are typically entitled to two bonuses — a holiday bonus and a Christmas bonus. The holiday bonus is 50% of the employee’s base salary calculated based on what they would earn during the holiday period. The Christmas bonus is 50% of the employee’s base salary for December.

Guaranteed Benefits That You Must Provide

Certain benefits must be a part of your Angola benefit management plan required by law. Angola has 12 public holidays for which employees get the day off, and workers are also entitled to 22 days of vacation time each year. Employees with kids get an additional vacation day each year until the child turns 14.

Companies should provide unlimited days off for sick leave as long as employees present a medical certificate. Medium and large companies typically pay medical leave at 100% of the employee’s salary for the first two months, but months three through 12 should get paid at 50% of the employee’s base salary.

How to Disperse Your Angola Benefit Management Plan

After you include guaranteed benefits in your Angola benefit management plan, we recommend adding supplemental benefits that will attract the right candidates to your job postings. The country has a universal, free health care system, but it’s hard to get access to quality care. You can offer employees a private health care plan to stay competitive or give them a stipend to source their own plan.

Restrictions for Benefits and Compensation

Before you can work in Angola and provide compensation and benefits, you have to set up a subsidiary. However, this process can take weeks or months and cause you to lose potential job candidates. Choosing Angola benefits and compensation outsourcing with Globalization Partners eliminates this restriction. You can use our existing Angola subsidiary so that you don’t have to establish your own. Plus, we’ll make sure you meet Angola’s compensation laws and stay compliant from day one.

Choose Compensation and Benefits Outsourcing With Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners can help make a difference in your expansion with Angola compensation and benefits outsourcing. Contact us today for more information.

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