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Angola Hiring

Hiring and employment compliance are two extremely important aspects of an expansion. Your employees are your most vital asset, and you need to meet Angola employment compliance laws throughout the hiring process. However, it can be challenging to learn how to hire employees in Angola while you’re also juggling running your parent company, a new location, and other aspects of expansion.

Globalization Partners understands everything that’s on your plate during an expansion, which is why we offer Angola hiring outsourcing. Our team will hire talented employees and assign them to work for you. Then, we’ll shoulder all compliance. You also won’t have to establish a subsidiary before you hire employees, as we can use our existing subsidiary to help you start working fast.

How to Hire Workers in Angola

Angola has a formal and hierarchical business structure, and people also value relationships and families. While hiring employees in Angola, you should ask about individuals’ families and establish a good rapport. Negotiations are often time-consuming, and the person with the most seniority should ultimately make all business decisions.

Meetings in Angola usually start late, and people walk in and interrupt them frequently. No one in the country likes to be negative, so they may agree with you even if they don’t. As a result, it’s important to make sure all agreements are in writing.

Angola Employment Compliance Laws

Your employment contracts need to meet Angola employment compliance laws. For example, micro, small, and medium companies are allowed to create fixed-term contracts for up to 10 years, but large companies can only have agreements for up to five years. Only fixed-term and training contracts must be in writing, but we recommend putting all your employment contracts in writing and in the local language.

Make sure any salary or compensation amounts are in Angolan kwanza. Your contract should also include important employment terms, such as:

  • Entitlement and termination terms
  • Working hours
  • Compensation
  • Bonuses
  • Benefits
  • And more

How to Successfully Onboard Employees

Once you hire employees in Angola, you need to create a plan for onboarding them. Angola employment compliance laws don’t focus on onboarding, so you can use a process that works best for your company. We recommend meeting with employees on their first day to review their employment contract and duties. Then, you can schedule any job training they’ll need or even host events for all new employees to meet.

Benefits of Angola Hiring Outsourcing Services

You already have numerous factors to worry about during an expansion, including payroll, compensation, benefits, establishing a subsidiary, and more. It’s difficult to also learn how to hire Angolan employees in the midst of running two or more company locations. That’s where Globalization Partners can help. Angola hiring outsourcing services will ensure that you get top talent that meets employment compliance laws. You won’t have to set up a subsidiary either, as we’ll use our existing Angola subsidiary to help you start working fast.

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