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Azerbaijan Recruiting and Hiring

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Your employees are your most important asset. Recruiting and hiring employees in Azerbaijan who will stay committed to your company and help you grow is extremely important. However, learning how to hire Azerbaijan employees while dealing with complicated tax laws, establishing a subsidiary, and more can turn into a challenge.

That’s why Globalization Partners offers Azerbaijan hiring outsourcing. We’re experts in Azerbaijan employment compliance and understand every aspect of the hiring process. When we act as the Employer of Record, you won’t have to worry about labor laws, and your employees will have a great hiring experience from the start.

Recruiting in Azerbaijan

The first step in staffing your Azerbaijan company is finding the right employees. You can make the process easier by understanding the country’s work culture and business etiquette. Without this basic knowledge, you could fail to impress candidates or worse, turn them away from your company entirely. Here are three essential steps to take before you start recruiting.

1. Learn Azerbaijani or Hire a Translator

The majority of the population speaks Azerbaijani or Azeri as their first language. However, those in the economic or political sectors may also be fluent in Russian. It’s important to understand Azerbaijani well to communicate with potential candidates. Russian and Persian influences have turned Azerbaijani into several distinct dialects, so phrases can vary based on the person you’re interviewing. If you don’t understand these nuances, hire a translator to make sure you fully comprehend what prospective employees are saying.

2. Expect Indirect Communication

Azerbaijan has a high context culture where most people rely on nonverbal cues. Understanding gestures, feelings, and even eye contact can help you decipher messages and figure out how a prospective employee feels. This communication process also helps people save face and be diplomatic. Most individuals will avoid expressing opinions directly. However, they will provide direct instructions in a work setting.

3. Remember That People May Arrive Late

Unlike western countries, Azerbaijan has a fluid concept of time. Many people find it acceptable to arrive as much as a half an hour late to appointments. However, it’s expected that you will always be punctual. This fluid concept also applies to the workday — many people will start late, take a long lunch break, then make up the time later at night.

Meetings can also start late and go on for longer than scheduled, as they typically begin with some small talk to establish a more personal relationship. While interviewing candidates, try to create this connection early on by bringing up topics such as family, sports, food, and places of interest in the country.

The Recruitment Process in Azerbaijan

Recruiting and staffing for your business can be challenging, as the country is going through a talent shortage. Companies in particular industries — such as IT and oil and gas — will have even more problems finding the right employees and may need to tap into a market of expats. It’s also difficult for employers to match candidates with open positions, as professionals in the country can be picky, and salaries worth all the individual’s qualifications can be high.

To combat these challenges, we recommend offering generous salaries and recruiting expats if necessary. You should also advertise jobs on numerous job boards or websites, including:

  • Human Capital Baku
  • Glassdoor
  • Learn4Good
  • Careerjet
  • Riley Guide

If you’re hiring expats, you can also advertise on GoAbroad and LinkedIn.

Discrimination Laws

You must be careful not to discriminate against candidates based on their citizenship status, sex, race, language, age, religion, political views, or any other factor unrelated to their professional qualifications and skills or job performance. However, you can make concessions and provide privileges and additional protection to women, disabled individuals, and minors without violating discrimination laws.

Women do have additional protections under Azerbaijan law that you should keep in mind when you’re recruiting. For example, you cannot refuse to sign a labor contract with a woman who is pregnant or has a child under the age of 3. You’re exempt from this law only if you do not have an appropriate position for women or your workplace does not hire women or involve them in the type of work you do.

If you decide not to sign a contract with a woman who meets the above conditions, you must explain your decision in writing. A woman is allowed to seek justice in court based on your reason for the refusal.

How to Hire Azerbaijan Employees

Azerbaijan’s society is both family-oriented and hierarchical, with a complicated business protocol. Azeris care about status and title, which impact everything from who can enter the room first to where individuals sit. If you’re trying to arrange a meeting to hire employees, you need to send a letter outlining the background of your company, its history, and a request for a meeting as well as details of what you’ll cover. Good relationships dictate what you get done, so you should always chat with potential employees before getting down to business.

Azerbaijan Employment Compliance Laws

Azerbaijan’s employment compliance laws vary based on whether you’re hiring a resident or a foreign employee. Foreign employees need individual work permits through the State Migration Service, or you could face hefty fines. Both resident and foreign employees need either a fixed-term or indefinite-term employment contract that can get renewed up to four times.

Companies need a minimum of two copies of the contract, and both copies need signed or sealed by both the employer and the employee. Employees keep one copy, and employers keep the other. Your employment contract should include:

  • Full name and address of the employee and employer
  • Position and place of work
  • Employees’ duty
  • Details of any insurance provided
  • And more

Onboarding Employees in This Country

Onboarding employees looks different for every business. Once you hire employees in Azerbaijan, you should onboard them using a process that works for your company. However, you can make employees more comfortable by onboarding several new hires at one time, providing job training, and traveling to Azerbaijan for each employee’s first day or week. Since Azerbaijan has complicated employment compliance laws, we also recommend reviewing your employment contract with your new employee during their first day.

Benefits of Azerbaijan Hiring Outsourcing

Traditionally, you would need to set up a subsidiary in Azerbaijan before you could hire employees and add them to your payroll. However, Globalization Partners offers a better alternative through Azerbaijan hiring outsourcing. We can either find the right candidates for your position or onboard your preferred candidates through our existing subsidiary. As a result, instead of spending your time learning employment compliance laws, you can focus on building your company.

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