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Azerbaijan Hiring

Your employees are your most important asset. Hiring employees in Azerbaijan who will stay committed to your company and help you grow is extremely important. However, learning how to hire Azerbaijan employees while dealing with complicated tax laws, establishing a subsidiary, and more can turn into a challenge.

That’s why Globalization Partners offers Azerbaijan hiring outsourcing. We’re experts in Azerbaijan employment compliance and understand every aspect of the hiring process. When we act as the Employer of Record, you won’t have to worry about labor laws, and your employees will have a great hiring experience from the start.

How to Hire Azerbaijan Employees

Azerbaijan’s society is both family-oriented and hierarchical, with a complicated business protocol. Azeris care about status and title, which impact everything from who can enter the room first to where individuals sit. If you’re trying to arrange a meeting to hire employees, you need to send a letter outlining the background of your company, its history, and a request for a meeting as well as details of what you’ll cover. Good relationships dictate what you get done, so you should always chat with potential employees before getting down to business.

Azerbaijan Employment Compliance Laws

Azerbaijan’s employment compliance laws vary based on whether you’re hiring a resident or a foreign employee. Foreign employees need individual work permits through the State Migration Service, or you could face hefty fines. Both resident and foreign employees need either a fixed-term or indefinite-term employment contract that can get renewed up to four times.

Companies need a minimum of two copies of the contract, and both copies need signed or sealed by both the employer and the employee. Employees keep one copy, and employers keep the other. Your employment contract should include:

  • Full name and address of the employee and employer
  • Position and place of work
  • Employees’ duty
  • Details of any insurance provided
  • And more

Onboarding Employees in This Country

Onboarding employees looks different for every business. Once you hire employees in Azerbaijan, you should onboard them using a process that works for your company. However, you can make employees more comfortable by onboarding several new hires at one time, providing job training, and traveling to Azerbaijan for each employee’s first day or week. Since Azerbaijan has complicated employment compliance laws, we also recommend reviewing your employment contract with your new employee during their first day.

Benefits of Azerbaijan Hiring Outsourcing

Traditionally, you would need to set up a subsidiary in Azerbaijan before you could hire employees and add them to your payroll. However, Globalization Partners offers a better alternative through Azerbaijan hiring outsourcing. We can either find the right candidates for your position or onboard your preferred candidates through our existing subsidiary. As a result, instead of spending your time learning employment compliance laws, you can focus on building your company.

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Globalization Partners is the team you need on your side for a successful expansion. Contact us today to learn more about Azerbaijan hiring outsourcing.

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