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Bahamas Hiring

Many people flock to The Bahamas for its gorgeous beaches, temperate climate, and various other positive features. Although there’s a large number of people searching for work, do you know exactly what type of employees you’re looking for? Hiring talented and hardworking employees is vital to your success. Still, it’s often difficult to find the time to hire these individuals while you’re also running two company locations and handling other expansion tasks.

Globalization Partners understands the importance of hiring, especially during a global expansion. We offer Bahamas hiring outsourcing services through our PEO in the country. Instead of recruiting your own job candidates, remember that we can recruit top talent for you or onboard your preferred employees. You also won’t have to worry about Bahamas’ employment compliance because our team will shoulder all compliance for your company.

How to Hire Bahamas Employees

Hiring employees in The Bahamas means understanding common customs and actions. Although people are relaxed and informal, business is extremely formal, with individuals using academic titles and surnames when addressing each other. People frequently exchange business cards, and it’s important to treat the card with care — don’t bend it, put it in your pocket, or write on it.

Usually, Bahamians use a straightforward communication style but are also friendly and funny. They use a hierarchical negotiation style, and people often use meetings to discuss decisions they’ve already made instead of negotiating a yes or no. Personal relationships are important, so meetings often include conversations on personal topics unrelated to business.

Bahamas Employment Compliance Laws

Learning how to hire Bahamas employees means also learning how to write a strong employment contract. Although The Bahamas allows you to use an oral or written employment contract, we recommend using a written contract to hire employees. All contracts need to include compensation, benefits, termination requirements, working hours, and similar elements. Salary and compensation amounts need to be in Bahamian dollars to create a clear agreement between you and the employee and follow The Bahamas’ employment compliance laws.

Best Ways to Onboard Employees

At Globalization Partners, we’ll onboard your employees to our Bahamas PEO. If you expand on your own, you’ll need to find the best ways to onboard individuals after hiring Bahamas employees. We recommend having employees sign the employment contract on their first day with your company. It can also help to create a robust training program, especially if you have highly technical positions. You can either run the program through your company or enroll your employees in a third-party training program through another industry source.

Benefits of Bahamas Hiring Outsourcing

Instead of spending months learning how to hire Bahamas employees and waiting until you have a subsidiary, you can choose Bahamas hiring outsourcing with Globalization Partners. We offer many benefits, including a quick start time, no worries about compliance, and a positive hiring experience for your employees.

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